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2009-10 Volleyball Roster

NameNoYrPosHigh School
Sophia Aponte21FrOHSterling
Shelby Caudillo3FrDSRock Falls
Samantha Church2FrDSProphetstown
Alicia Eastman18FrOHDixon
Lindsey Hall1SoDSSterling
Maryssa Howell13FrDSNewman
Merrissa Johnson5SoMBRock Falls
Kami Kielsmeier23FrSFaith Christian
Kaitlyn Kielsmeier9SoS/RHFaith Christian
Elyce Naylon20SoOHPolo
Sarina Venier7FrDS/RHDixon
Sarah Weber12FrMBSterling Christian
Candice Wolber11FrS/RHAFC