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2012-13 Volleyball Schedule

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08-25-2012at Black Hawk TournamentTBAMolineResults
08-28-2012at Rock Valley6:00 p.m.RockfordL 0-3
08-29-2012Clinton6:00 p.m.HomeW 3-0
09-05-2012Black Hawk East6:00 p.m.HomeW 3-0
09-08-2012at St. Ambrose TournamentTBADavenport, IAResults
09-11-2012at Carl Sandburg6:00 p.m.GalesburgW 3-1
09-12-2012IVCC6:00 p.m.HomeW 3-0
09-14-2012at Kankakee TournamentTBAKankakeeL 0-2
09-15-2012at Kankakee TournamentTBAKankakeeL 1-2
09-18-2012at Black Hawk6:00 p.m.MolineL 2-3
09-19-2012Kishwaukee6:00 p.m.HomeL 2-3
09-25-2012Highland6:00 p.m.HomeL 1-3
09-26-2012Ashford-JV6:00 p.m.HomeW 3-1
10-02-2012at Black Hawk East6:00 p.m.KewaneeW 3-1
10-03-2012Carl Sandburg6:00 p.m.HomeW 3-1
10-06-2012at ClintonTBAClinton, IAW 3-0
10-09-2012at IVCC6:00 p.m.OglesbyL 0-3
10-10-2012Black Hawk6:00 p.m.HomeW 3-1
10-12-2012at Prairie State TournamentTBAChicago HeightsResults
10-13-2012at Prairie State TournamentTBAChicago HeightsResults
10-16-2012at Kishwaukee6:00 p.m.MaltaL 1-3
10-17-2012at Highland6:00 p.m.FreeportW 3-1
10-22-2012at Ashford College/JV7:00 p.m.Clinton, IAW 3-1
10-23-2012Waubonsee6:00 p.m.HomeW 3-0
10-27-2012at Lincoln10:00 a.m.LincolnW 3-1
10-27-2012at Kaskaskia12:00 p.m.LincolnL 1-3
10-31-2012Black Hawk(Region IV play-in game)6:00 p.m.HomeW 3-1
11-03-2012at Highland (semi-final Region IV Tournament)12:00 p.m.College of Lake CountyResults
11-15-2012at NJCAA National TournamentTBAToledo, Ohio
11-16-2012at NJCAA National TournamentTBAToledo, Ohio
11-17-2012at NJCAA National TournamentTBAToledo, Ohio