Food Service Sanitation – FOD 105
Develop the knowledge and responsibility for food sanita-
tion operations. Qualify for your certification from the State
of Illinois Department of Public Health upon satisfactory
completion of a certificate examination
CRN:30973/FOD 105/Sec W2/1 Credit
sessions) Weds., 8/21-9/25 5:30-8:30PM
Linda Setchell
CRN:30974/FOD 105/Sec W/1 Credit
sessions) Weds., 10/16-11/20 5:30-8:30PM
Linda Setchell
Food Service Sanitation
Refresher Course
This course will meet the needs of certified food service
sanitation managers seeking renewal of their FSSMC certifi-
cates. Emphasis will be on current Illinois time/temperature
requirements for cooking, cooling and refrigeration, hand
contact with ready-to-eat foods, consumer advisories, cross-
contamination, cleaning and sanitizing, HACCP, and problems
associated with food borne outbreaks.
session) Sat., 8/24
SVCC-Room 2L06 Linda Setchell
session) Sat., 11/16
SVCC-Room 2L06 Linda Setchell
• 7
Business and Professional Development
Dental Assisting Program
The purpose of this 60 hour program is to familiarize the
student with all areas of pre-clinical dental assisting and
provide training in the professional skills required to function
as an assistant in the dental practice. This course covers
the following key areas and topics – Administrative aspects
include: the history of dentistry and dental assisting, intro-
duction to the dental office, the legal aspects of dentistry,
policies and guidelines. Clinical aspects include: introduction
to oral anatomy, dental operatory, dental equipment, intro-
duction to tooth structure, primary and permanent teeth, the
oral cavity and related structures, proper patient positioning,
dental hand-pieces, sterilization and other areas. In addi-
tion to entry-level administrative jobs, this course is ideal for
students interested in pursuing a future formal dental hygien-
ist program.
sessions) Mons. & Weds., 10/7-12/4
contact hours)
SVCC-Room 2M03 CCI Instructor
$1,199 (includes textbooks)
Veterinary Assistant Program
This 100-hour program introduces students to the exciting
and growing field of veterinary medicine. Students will
learn about the care of animals as well as how to recognize
signs of illness and disease. This program also covers inter-
personal communication, interaction with clients and their
animals, as well as how to assist the veterinarian during
examinations. Administrative duties, such as fee collec-
tion, banking, and accounts payable are also emphasized
to provide the student with the skills necessary to main-
tain an efficient front office. Students will enjoy learning
through classroom lecture as well as hands on labs. Note:
This program does not include a national or state certifica-
tion or a clinical rotation as part of its overall objectives.
sessions) Tues, Thurs, 10/8-12/19;
Sats., 10/19, 11/9, 11/23 & 12/7
Tues. & Thurs.-6-9:30PM Sat- 9AM-4PM
CCI Instructor
$1,899 (Textbooks Included)