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Business and Professional Development
Business and Professional Development
Mandarin Chinese for the
Business Environment
This program is for working professionals who need to learn
the Chinese language for traveling and business purposes.
Basic Mandarin communication skills in listening and speak-
ing will be the focus of the class. Chinese business culture
and etiquette will be included.
Tues., 9/24-11/1
SVCC-Room 2M3
Jing Ying Yang
$100 (includes book)
Required Hazardous
Material Training
The Department of Transportation requires training for
employees receiving or shipping hazardous materials. This
training includes 49 CFR hazardous materials table, packaging
of materials, shipping papers and other documentation, and
recognizing potential hazardous conditions when receiving
packages. Participants are encouraged to bring list of prod-
ucts they ship or receive and samples of shipping papers.
DOT homeland security training is included.
Mon., 11/18
SVCC-Room 2K2
Jeff Clark
Hour General Industry
Participants will learn the major provisions of the Occupation-
al Safety and Health Act. Primary topics include, introduction
to OSHA, the inspection and citation process, working and
walking surfaces, emergency plans and exit routes, material
safety data sheets and labeling, electrical safety, machine
guarding and recordkeeping. This course can be customized
to meet the participant’s needs. OSHA’s 10 Hour General
Industry card will be earned upon completion of this class.
CRN: 30903
sessions) Thurs., 10/3
Fri., 10/4
SVCC-Room 2K2
Jeff Clark
NFPA 70 E-Electrical
Safety-Related Work Practices
This course is directed to qualified and unqualified persons
working on or near electrical energized equipment and risk
the possibility of electrical shock. This training will include
the topics of understanding the OSHA Subpart S Electrical
standard and NFPA’s 70E Arch Flash requirements including
required personal protective equipment, developing energy
control procedures (Lock Out 29 CRF 1910.147) and the re-
quired annual inspections.
session) Wed., 12/18
SVCC-Room 2K2
Jeff Clark
Forklift Operation Safety
Trainer/Supervisor Program
This program will cover the classroom requirements of the
new Powered Industrial Truck Standard. OSHA defines a pow-
ered industrial truck as a “mobile, power propelled truck used
to carry, push, lift, stack, or tier material.” Manual operated
pallet movers, earth moving and agricultural equipment is
not covered by this regulation. This train-the-trainer class will
review the powered industrial truck company requirements,
operator trainer requirements, discuss frequently asked ques-
tions, and include daily checklist and a sample of a perfor-
mance test.
session) Tues., 11/5
SVCC-Room 2K2
Jeff Clark
The Globally Harmonized System
GHS) Training
The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) is now allied with
the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Label-
ing of Chemicals (GHS). This training will provide updated
information on the new changes to the HCS and provides a
common and coherent approach to classifying chemicals and
communicating hazard information on labels and safety data
sheets. Employers are required to train employees on the
new label element and SDS format by December 1, 2013, full
compliance with enforcement of the final rule will begin in
The three major areas of change are in hazard classifi-
cation, labels, and safety data sheets.
Wed., 12/18
SVCC-Room 2K2
Jeff Clark