Change Your Relationship
and Change Your Life
Do you find you might have difficulties in interpersonal
relationships with others? Do you blame others, or do they
blame you for these difficulties? Come and learn the work of
Byron Katie to examine your beliefs about relationships; and
if necessary, change them. Byron Katie’s book, “Loving What
Is,” and the worksheets will be included.
Weds., 11/6 & 11/13
SVCC-Room 2L1B
David Owens
$40 (includes book and worksheets)
How to Find and Choose
Your Ideal Mate
Life is a personal journey. Our lives are the result of deci-
sions and choices we have made. Each of us chooses our own
friends, lovers, and spouses. When we acknowledge this it
empowers us because we have the ability to learn from our
mistakes and make better choices for ourselves in the future.
This course will not focus on placing the blame of divorce on
circumstances or the actions of an individual’s mate which is
commonly one. It will instead keep the focus on “the buyer”
of the person who is choosing their mate. After all we can
only control ourselves. (Materials purchased from instructor for $10)
Sat., 9/28
SVCC-Room 2L07 Kevin Darne’
Catfishing-Don’t Get Caught
How to Avoid Online Dating Scams)
This course is designed to help singles navigate through the
twists and turns of online dating safely. According statictic-, 40 million people in the U.S. have tried online
dating. states in its advertisements that 1 in 5
new relationships begin online. These numbers are likely to
increase significantly within the next decade as the stigma of
online dating continues to fade. Nonetheless we are con-
stantly reminded of the dangers, scams, and immoral charac-
ters looking to take advantage of trusting souls. (Materials
purchased from instructor for $10)
Sat., 9/28
SVCC-Room 2L07 Kevin Darne’
10 •
Personal Enrichment
Personal Enrichment