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Personal Enrichment
Fright Night
Double Scare Trip
We start the evening with a walking tour of Aurora. On this
Historic Ghost Tours of Aurora downtown ghost walk tour,
you’ll shudder to learn the authentic local history of whisper-
ing phantoms, dark entities, bloody murders, and eternally
lost souls. Hear the uncanny, unnerving true events that
occurred right at that very spot. Feel the corpse-cold finger
of fear slither down your spine as the EMF “Ghost Meter” in
your hand suddenly flashes a warning of an invisible pres-
ence materializing silently before you. The ghost stories told
in this Historic Ghost Tours of Aurora are based on the book,
Haunted Aurora,” by Diane Ladley, America’s Ghost Story-
teller ,and the founder of the Haunted Hometowns Corp.
If the walking tour doesn’t give you enough fright fun, then
just wait to see what is in store for you at the next stop – The
Basement of the Dead. In the late 1920’s, Walker Laundry
opened at 42 West New York St. and became Aurora’s larg-
est laundry company. Around 1945, Imus Kilya was working
there as a maintenance engineer. His son Al came to work as
his assistant in 1960.Heat for the building and steam for the
presses was supplied by a coal fired boiler installed when
the building was built. Al and Imus continually complained
that it needed to be replaced, but management wouldn’t
spend the money. In 1964 the boiler exploded maiming
and scalding Al and Imus. They never returned to work and
rumor was they had vowed to get even. Under the streets
and building were sewer lines and tunnels well known to Al
and Imus. A year or so after the explosion people from the
laundry started to disappear and body parts were found
in the river near the drainage pipes. Al and Imus were
suspected but never found. The laundry eventually closed
and the basement was never used again. Businesses have
come and gone but nobody stays. Basement Of The Dead is
proof that Al & Imus still exist and have made this basement
their home. The mutilation and horror you will witness is so
shocking, you’ll wish you never entered. SO COME WALK
THE BASEMENT OF AL & IMUS KILYA. **This is a full-fright
haunted house with lots of monsters and creepy things so we
recommend children are at least 13 years old.
Sat., 10/19
Depart from West Parking Lot of SVCC at
PM for Aurora and return back to SVCC
at 11:30PM
Jeanne DePuy/Dana Chacon
Self-Guided Holiday Trip
to Chicago
Leave your car at home and travel with us to enjoy the
sights, sounds, and holiday lighting of Chicago’s famous
Michigan Avenue. Explore the city’s museums, shops and
eateries. This self-guided trip allows you and your friends to
enjoy the city without bothersome schedules, stressful driv-
ing and parking hassles.
Bus departs SVCC West Mall Parking lot at 8:00 a.m., arriv-
ing at John Hancock Center (north side of bldg.) at 10:30
a.m. Depart Chicago – John Hancock Center (north side of
bldg.) at 5:00 p.m. and arrive at SVCC at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, 12/14
Chicago, IL
Jeanne DePuy
What a Great Deal!
Travel ‘Til Your Heart is Content
We have partnered with Mayflower Tours to offer afford-
able yet deluxe escorted trips within the United States and
around the world. Across our great country, you’ll find desti-
nations of great beauty. New England is famous for its an-
nual color palette bursting with reds, oranges and yellows.
Around every corner, a new work of art from Mother Nature
appears with all of the artistry found on an impressionist’s
canvas. Travel to the magnificent beaches in Florida and
Texas; National Parks and mountain ranges; or take in the
sights of the San Antonio Riverwalk at Christmas.
Grab your passport and travel to exciting destinations such
as Costa Rica, Australia and New Zealand, Ireland, or cruise
the Rhine. Mayflower Tours offers exciting trips around the
world with English speaking tour managers, local histori-
ans and guides, top quality accommodations, many meals
included, free time to explore, and airport transfers, all at an
affordable rate.
For a more information call Jeanne at 815/835.6212.