Introduction to Essential Oils 101
This class covers the exotic basic history of essential oils
and continues into the simple uses for daily aliments such as
allergies, anxiety, earaches, headaches, muscle fatigue and
sinuses. This is a great class for those interested in cost- ef-
fective, natural alternatives. An essential oils introductory kit
will be available to purchase from instructor for $25.
Thurs., 10/10
SVCC-Room 2L06
Charisma Turner
Learn to Read Angel/Oracle Cards
for Yourself and Others
In this workshop you will learn how to give an angel card
reading to answer any life questions – be it work, love, or
general life purposes. You will learn how to consecrate and
clear your deck, how to invoke the angels for guidance and
protection, and simple card spreads. The second half of the
workshop will be dedicated to practicing your skills by giving
mini-readings to your classmates. Bring an Angel/Oracle card
deck to class or purchase a deck from the instructor for $15.
Fri., 9/20
SVCC-Room 2L06
Charisma Turner
If you haven’t heard of a green smoothie yet, be excited! This
course’s intention is to give you the 411 on “green smooth-
ies.” With all the processed food & health issues in America
anyone & everyone could use a little knowledge about
how to better their life and diet. The “green smoothie” is a
simple, tasty and, effective addition to anyone’s life. You will
learn of the health benefits, long and short term effects, cost
effective energy boosting ways of the green smoothie. “You
are what you eat!” Embrace the knowledge of living food with
this class.
Not intended to treat or cure any medical disease. **
CRN: 31012
Tues., 9/10
Z & She’s Studio 218
st Avenue, Rock Falls Drew Dawson
Releasing Fears & Manifesting
Prosperity with EFT & Affirmations
Change your thoughts, Change your World.” The purpose
of this course is to empower its students with the tools of
EFT & knowledge of positive affirmations. Releasing beliefs,
thoughts, feeling and fears with EFT (aka Emotional Freedom
Technique) will allow the individual to open up and set new
intentions and plant new seeds for their life with positive
affirmations. EFT applies tapping on energetic meridian
points of the body, similar to acupuncture, to release “old” or
blocked” energy. Positive affirmations use the power of the
mind to change your world.
CRN: 31013
sessions) Thurs., 9/12 & 9/19
Z & She’s Studio
218 1
st Ave, Rock Falls Drew Dawson
Fundamentals Interior Design
Learn to design with confidence. This course will familiarize
students with the interior design field. Proper relationship of
line, form, and color will be explored through various design
problems. Use of floor plans, furniture arrangement, and light-
ing with an emphasis in color and texture will be examined.
Various materials, styles, and accessories will be reviewed.
Supply kit will be purchased directly from the instructor the
first night of class for $110.
Tues., 9/10-10/10
Grace Burkart
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Personal Enrichment
Personal Enrichment