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Personal Enrichment
Access – Create/Edit Databases
Learn the basics of database using Access. Topics covered
include database concepts such as how to develop new
databases, building tables (databases) using wizards and
design view, modifying a table’s structure, navigating within
a table, and linking tables. Explore data entry mode and
editing data.
CRN:60960 /non-credit
Wed., 4/3
SVCC-Room 3K02
Marcy Lawrence
Access - Queries
Get the most out of your Access database by performing que-
ries; ask questions that allow you to retrieve specific infor-
mation that is maintained in your database. Queries allow
you to filter, sort, and manage the data. Use your queries
to manage the data by updating, deleting, executing calcu-
lations, creating new tables and more. This course may be
taken independent of Access Create/Edit Databases or Access
Reports courses.
Wed., 4/10
SVCC-Room 3K02
Marcy Lawrence
Access - Reports
Make the data in your table or the output of your query
presentable. Use Access Reports to organize your criteria and
add report headers and footers, grouping and additional
summarizing and formatting to create a report that is easy to
read and has appeal. This course may be taken independent
of Access Create/Edit Databases or Access Queries courses.
CRN: 60969/non-credit
Wed., 4/17
SVCC-Room 3K02
Marcy Lawrence
Photoshop Course – Complete
Now that you bought Photoshop, what can it do? Learn the
basic tools that are used for creating, editing, and fixing your
images. The Photoshop layers palette is a powerful tool that
allows you to design complex compositions. Layers will be
used to establish content, create effects, blend, and much
You will become familiar with the work area and learn to
explore several different tools and methods that will allow to
you be able to extract portions of images you wish to affect.
Learn to straighten, crop, saturate, sharpen, remove color cast
and adjust contrast for any image. Explore different tools to
eliminate unwanted parts of an image, repairing parts of an
image and blending in corrections. Learn to fragment and
adjust layers to add interest to a grouping of your images.
Your finished product will be an eye-catching montage.
sessions) Thurs., 1/17- 4/25
SVCC-Room 3K02 Marcy Lawrence
Travel ‘Til Your Heart is Content
We have partnered with Mayflower Tours to offer af-
fordable yet deluxe escorted trips within the United
States and around the world. Across our great country,
you’ll find destinations of great beauty. Around every
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vas. Travel to the magnificent beaches in Florida and
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Grab your passport and travel to exciting destina-
tions such as Costa Rica, Australia and New Zealand,
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ity accommodations, many meals included, free time
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