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Freight Broker/Agent Training
Become a part of the exciting trucking, freight logistics, and
transportation industries as a licensed freight broker or as a freight
broker agent. From licensing and operations, to sales and marketing,
you’ll learn the basics of how to run a domestic freight brokerage or
agency in the United States.
magazine has rated the freight brokerage business
as one of the top home-based businesses to own, and a recent
Street Journal
article cited freight brokering and logistics as the
largest growing sector of the transportation industry. Written by
freight brokerage specialists, the Freight Broker/Agent Online
Training Program will provide you with the knowledge and resources
needed to break into the $400 billion-plus shipping industry.
Freight broker professionals are in demand. No matter the state of
the economy, goods will always need to be shipped. A motivated
and disciplined freight broker or freight agent who has received
the proper training can build up his or her business into a six-figure
earning potential. It’s an ideal home business for a self-starter who
enjoys fast-paced work. Upon registering, you’re given an initial six
months to complete the program. Should you need more time, you
may request a six-month extension at no additional charge.
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Open Enrollment Dates
Online (150 hours)
Instructor-Jan Roach (Ed2Go Instructor)
Certified Green Supply Chain Professional
The supply chain is at the heart of operations for most businesses.
Prepare yourself for a challenging and rewarding career in the
green supply-chain management field or gain the edge to move
forward in your career with this convenient online training
This professional certification program will help you learn the
essentials of green product standards and labeling as well as how
to develop sustainability supplier programs, implement sustainable
business practices, apply lean and green manufacturing strategies,
and integrate these practices across the extended supply chain.
Upon registering, you’re given an initial thirteen months to
complete this program. Should you need more time beyond the
thirteen months, an extension of one month is available with a fee
of $25.
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Open Enrollment Dates
Online (60 hours)
Instructor-Angie Coats (Ed2Go Instructor)
Legal Secretary
Attorneys rely on sharp, motivated legal secretaries to help them start
a practice or keep a thriving practice competitive. In this program,
you’ll learn all the skills you need to enter the fast-paced world
of the legal secretary. The demand for this profession is growing
faster than average, and attorneys are constantly on the lookout for
qualified, professional legal secretaries to augment their practices.
In these lessons, you’ll master everything from the basics of
legal terminology and procedure to practice management tasks,
accounting, and QuickBooks skills. Along the way, you’ll find out
just what it’s like to work in this fascinating and growing field.
By the time you’ve completed this program, you’ll possess the
knowledge necessary to successfully pass the National Association of
Legal Professionals (NALS) Accredited Legal Secretary (ALS) exam.
Upon registering, you’re given an initial six months to complete this
program. Should you need more time beyond the six months, an
extension of six months is available at no additional cost. Pricing
varies for extensions beyond six months. . For more information:
Open Enrollment Dates
Online (350 hours)
Instructor- Katherine Squires Pang, J.D., LL.M., M.Ed
Ed2Go Instructor)
Certified Residential Interior Designer
The online Residential Interior Design Education (R.I.D.E.)
program is available to both aspiring designing individuals and
interior designers who want to increase their education, career
opportunities, and professional status in the interior design industry.
The R.I.D.E. certification trains new designers and increases the
credentials for designers in current practice.
This program will not only give you the basic skills and background
you need to start working as an interior home designer, but the
R.I.D.E. credential will also increase your status with potential
clients. You will explore the cornerstones of professional design,
discover how to plan both visually appealing and functional spaces,
and study how interior design has evolved throughout history.
Instruction also includes information on ethics that you can apply to
your own practice.
Upon completion of this program, you will take the Residential
Interior Designer Exam as the final. After you receive your RIDE
certification, you can qualify for benefits such as a free one-year
Designer Society of America (DSA) membership and possible
participation in a 40-hour internship through DSA, if you meet
certain eligibility requirements. For more information: www.
Open Enrollment Dates
Online (120 hours)
Instructor- Natasha Lima-Younts (Ed2Go Instructor)