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Therapy Dog Training
There is an extreme need for owner-dog team visits in our area. This training and
information will help prepare you and your dog to work effectively as a team in
a variety of environments. Therapy dogs visit nursing homes, group homes, and
schools. Class includes movies, site visits, and presentations. There will be optional
certification testing upon course completion. Registration with the Delta Society
which includes insurance is recommended. This class will help prepare dog and
owner for hospital testing too!
Shot records are a must and dogs should have a
friendly disposition.
Wednesdays, April 23 – May 14
Instructor-Pat Mandernach
$45 per dog
Companion Dog Training
Develop a cooperative and willing-to-please canine pal. Unruly
behaviors such as jumping, nipping, stealing food, excessive barking,
and running away are eliminated. House breaking, come when called,
lay down, stay, sit, and sit-stay, will become reliable behaviors. Fun
activities such as agility, retrieve, tricks, fly ball and more will be
included. Dogs should be 8 weeks or older.
Orientation the
first night, April 24th – do not bring dogs. Bring copy of
shot records to the orientation. Dogs will not be allowed to
attend class without this information.
Thursdays, April 24 – June 5
Instructor-Pat Mandernach
$65 per dog
Introduction to Horsemanship
Basic knowledge of owning, buying, grooming, and saddling a horse will be
covered. Learn basic ground control, rein control, and riding balance at a walk,
trot and slow canter. No hats or sandals permitted. Wear old clothes with riding
boots or tennis shoes, you will get dirty. Classes are five-two hour sessions at
student’s convenience starting April 1, weather permitting.
Scheduled with Instructor after April 1
Maple Rd, Eagle Point Farm,
Milledgeville, 61051
Mary Stevens