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Personal Enrichment
Coming of Age: Explore Your Future
Are you 50+ and thinking about what’s next in your life? Today’s older adults are leading active and productive
lives – even after retirement! Perhaps you are just about to retire or have recently retired but haven’t quite
found you niche…join us as we explore your future! During this four week course you will outline what the
next phase of your life will look like. Will it include an encore career, giving back to the community, leisure
activities? Perhaps there are things you want to do that a little brainstorming would help you identify. This class
will be great fun and bring lots of insight to jump into your future.
sessions) Thursdays, March 6 - 27
SVCC-Room 2M3
Instructor-Janice McCoy
Headstrong: Exercise Strategies for
Enhancing Memory & Thinking
Have you ever wondered if forgetfulness is inevitable? Do you want to improve your memory, thinking, and
overall brain health? Then join us for four weeks of discovering how memory is formed, and the six strategies
for improving overall brain functioning. Memory loss may not be inevitable...but just like our bodies, our brains
require exercise. So join us for a brain workout without the sweat.
sessions) Wednesdays, April 9 - 30
SVCC-Room 2M3
Instructor-Janice McCoy
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