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Personal Enrichment
Health Care and
Your Retirement
You spend most of your life working, setting an alarm
each morning, living by deadlines and hopefully
saving enough for retirement. As you approach
retirement, it is important to consider how this
milestone will affect many aspects of your lifestyle,
including your health insurance coverage. Many
people wait until they turn 65, or are ready to retire,
before they familiarize themselves with Medicare and
its many details, even though it is an important part
of a healthy retirement. This class will address what
steps you should take to prepare for health care costs
to ensure that your retirement savings stay healthy.
Medicare and long-term care costs will also be
Tuesday, March 25
SVCC-Room 2M3 Instructor-Sam Meier
Understanding Medicare &
Medicaid - It’s Decision Time
Join in an informative and interactive program that will provide
you with a better understanding of Medicare and Medicaid.
Topics will include Medicare eligibility and enrollment, the
benefits of Medicare Parts A and B, the cost that Medicare
leaves you to pay and an overview of the standardized Medicare
Supplemental Plans in addition to Medicaid “spend-down”
requirements. This program is appropriate for people becoming
eligible for Medicare, caregivers of people who are on Medicare,
and current Medicare beneficiaries who would like a refresher
course on their benefits. You will also learn about “Funeral
Tuesdays, April 8 – 22
SVCC-Room 2L6
Instructor-Dick Volker
Annuities and Your Retirement
Annuities are retirement products that may be used to help you
increase savings, protect your savings, or generate a stream of
income. Annuities can offer tax-deferred savings and competitive
interest rates. This class covers the basics of annuities and
answers any questions you may have.
Tuesday, April 29
SVCC-Room 2L6
Instructor-Sam Meier