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Knitting – Continental Style
Learn to knit Continental Style and transform your knitting
experience. It is an easy, fast and fun way to knit. Students
will be knitting a sweater – yes, a sweater! You will be able to
confidently knit a simple sweater for anyone, using any weight
yarn. Students will leave with a template that will make it a
breeze. Previous crochet experience or basic knitting experience
including knit, purl, increasing and decreasing is required for this
course. Material list to follow.
Tuesdays, February 25 - April 1
SVCC-Room TBA Instructor-B A. Hartley
Crocheting 101
This is a great class for a novice or someone looking to improve
their skill level. Learn stitches such as chain, single, double,
rib stitch, and triple. Then move on to intermediate techniques
including the basket weave, decreasing, increasing, the shell,
working in rounds, and working from charts. Students will learn
crocheting abbreviations and the anatomy of the crochet hook.
Joining yarn, sewing squares together and weaving in the yarn
ends will all be covered. Students will take home a sampler
afghan by the end of class. Supply list will be mailed.
sessions) Mondays, February 3 – April 21
SVCC-Room 2M3 Instructor-Pamela Martino
Aran Fisherman Crocheting
This is an advanced crocheting class for those who want to
challenge themselves to the next level. Fisherman knits are a
wonderful traditional craft that originated centuries ago, in this
class we are hoping to help this wonderful art form to live on.
Students will learn a variety of stitches including: The Basket
Stitch, Cables, Honeycomb, Knurl, Low Ridge, High Ridge,
Diamond, Blackberry, Zigzag and Double Zigzag. When finished,
students will have a beautiful pillow.
Supply list will be mailed.
Saturdays, March 1 – April 19
SVCC-Room 2L06 Instructor-Pamela Martino
Hairpin Lace
In one session students will make a beautiful bookmark while
at the same time learning a new stitch in crocheting. Must know
the single and chain stitch to take this class. Supply list will be
Saturday, May 10
SVCC-Room 2L06 Instructor-Pamela Martino