Lifescape Community Services (Adult Protective Services Caseworker )

Lifescape Community Services

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Nedisa Music
Email: nmusic@lifescapeservices.org
Phone: 18154901105
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1. Complete an investigation assessment for adult abuse & exploitation, collect concrete evidence, and interview alleged victims, abusers and collaterals.
2. Determine the need for emergency intervention services, provide crisis intervention and participate in 24/7 on call responses for the cases.
3. Seek & coordinate assistance from other providers on behalf of clients.
4. Meet all required response timeframes for investigations, case work, and follow up, at risk assessments, and case closures that are established by State Law and IDOA Policies and Procedures.
5. Consult with supervisor to determine whether a case should be substantiated, unsubstantiated, or unable to be substantiated.
6. Develop a case plan in consult with the client and supervisor
7. Provide services as needed, including OP’s, guardianships and other legal interventions, emergency safe shelter, after hours services and EIS.
8. Accurately complete and process referrals for clients to other agencies and private individuals.
9. Accurate completion of all documents, submit files to IDOA as required. Complete VOA reports
10. Provide monitoring, follow-up and assess for ongoing risk for each client on assigned caseload
11. Prepare and present cases to M-TEAM meetings and incorporate recommendations into client case plans.
12. Work with staff, other agencies and private individuals to find hard-to-reach clients.
13. Maintain timely and accurate required documentation of service given to clients.
14. Work closely with other casework and case management staff
15. Participate in activities and events to promote agency services.
16. Participate in activities, which may include giving presentations at various locations on benefits and services.
17. Attend training as required by Supervisor or Executive Director.
18. Represent the agency professionally a manner, speech and dress.
19. All other duties as assigned by Supervisor or Executive Director