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College for Kids

College For Kids - Summer 2021 PDF Download

College for Kids provides fun, informative classes to students entering 3rd through 8th grades.

This Summer is going to be exciting as we have classes for everyone! Whether your child is into cooking, science, art, or just won't stop moving; we have classes this summer that is sure to keep them engaged and on their toes. Download our Flyer, Full Course Descriptions and Register below.

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Kids Baking 101

CRN: 80015 | 1 session, Monday (July 19) 9-10:30am

This course will teach the basics of baking and sanitation for the best and safest final product. Kids will bake chocolate chip cookies with the knowledge that they learn. Kids are recommended to wear an apron or old shirt. Supplies are included in the cost of the class. This class is currently scheduled to be on campus. (Ages 7-14)

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Griddle Cooking

CRN: 80016 | 1 session, Tuesday (July 20) 9-10:30am

Kids will learn how to cook safely on a griddle. Breakfast and lunch items will be cooked on a griddle and homemade ice cream in a bag for dessert. On the menu: pancakes, lunch sandwiches, and homemade ice cream. Kids are recommended to wear an apron or old shirt. Supplies are included in the cost of the class. (Ages 8-14)

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Nature Embellished Photo Frame

CRN: 80017 | 1 session, Thurs (July 22) 10-11am

Students will embellish a matboard framed photo of themselves utilizing objects found in nature creating an all-natural work of art. Kids will need to bring an 8x10 photo to embellish. (Ages 10-12)

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Writing Olympics

CRN: 80018 | 4 sessions, M-Th (July 19-22) 12:30-2pm

Becoming an Olympian takes a lot of work and practice, just like writing. In this class, kids will use articles based on the Olympics to find the main idea, make outlines, write paragraphs, and put it all together for shorter essays. This course will help them organize their thoughts and facts into outlines and then put those into paragraphs. By the end of the class the students will learn how to add to their writing and have it sound amazing. (Ages 10-14)

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Cinderella Around the World

CRN: 80019 | 4 sessions, M-Th (July 19-22) 9-10:30am

Cinderella, a fairy godmother, and a glass slipper? Did you know that there are claimed to be 500 versions of 'Cinderella' found in Europe alone? Almost every culture seems to have their own version of Cinderella! You will leave this cross-curricular book study with the desire to read more versions on your own, or maybe it will inspire you to publish your own Cinderella tale someday. (Ages 8-12)

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Constructing Castles using Google

CRN: 80020 | 4 sessions, M-Th (July 19-22) 10-11:30am

Kids will use Google Slides to design a personalized castle. The number of rooms, secret passages, and history is all up to the designer! By the end of the course, students will be more familiar with architectural terminology pertaining to castles along with how to use Google Slides in an engaging and interactive way. (Ages 8-12)

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Summertime Lunch and Dessert

CRN: 80021 | 4 sessions, M-Th (July 19-22) 10-11:30am

Kids will be guided by live instruction to create their own kid-friendly lunch and delicious desserts. Students can pick up supply kits “curb-side” at SVCC on Thursday, July 15; 4:00-6:00 p.m. Included in the kits will be dry supplies and recipes for each day. (Ages 12-14)

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Olympic Games

CRN: 80022 | 4 sessions, M-Th (July 19-22) 12-1:30pm

What does it take to be an Olympic Athlete? This class you will explore a variety of Olympic experiences including races, obstacles courses, and more. (Ages 8-14)

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Exploring Rocks and Crystals

CRN: 80023 | 4 sessions, M-Th (July 19-22) 11-12pm

What are crystals? How are rocks formed? Learn about the interesting world of rocks and crystals. This class would focus on learning and creating projects to take home including rock candy to eat. (Ages 8-14)

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DIY Crafts

CRN: 80024 | 4 sessions, M-Th (July 19-22) 2-3:30pm

Kids will create a DIY craft project every day. From wearable art to room decor, these projects are fun to make and will be unique to each kid. (Ages 10-14)


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Black Rocket Classes

Meet our partner

Black Rocket Black Rocket provides unique enrichment and educational programs in partnership with schools across the country. Distinctive camps in the creative sciences, gaming and digital arts focus on the intersection of creativity and technology. Each camp emphasizes self-empowerment, cognitive reasoning, teamwork and divergent thinking through hands-on learning.

8:30 - 11:30 (Ages 8 - 11)
12:30 - 3:30 (Ages 11 - 14)
JavaScript Developer Jam
MineCraft Animators
eSports Apprentice- Streamers and Gamers

8:30 - 11:30 (Ages 8 - 11)
12:30 - 3:30 (Ages 11 - 14)
Battle Royale: Make Your First Fortnite Style Video Game
Make your First Video Game!
Minecraft Redstone Engineers
Python Programers

8:30 - 11:30 (Ages 8 - 11)
12:30 - 3:30 (Ages 11 - 14)
Code Breakers
Inventors League-Prototyping for the Future
ROBLOX Coders and Entrepreneurs
YouTube Content Creators
Young Authors

8:30 - 11:30 (Ages 8 - 11)
12:30 - 3:30 (Ages 11 - 14)
Minecraft Modders
Rocket Kart Racers -Design a Mario Style Game
Virtual Reality-The Future is Now
YouTube FX Masters

Please click here to register for Black Rocket classes.


Junior Vet University [FULL]

Registration for Junior Vet University is now full, but you can contact Whiteside County Farm Bureau to be placed on the waitlist.
Email : whitesidecountyfarmbureau@gmail.com
Phone : (815) 772 - 2165


College for Kids Instructors wanted at Sauk Valley Community College. Share your knowledge and enrich lives virtually or on campus. 


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