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Amboy Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

15 West Wasson Road, Amboy, IL 61310
(815) 857-2550 or 886-886-9121
(815) 857-4016
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The Amboy Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center provides residents with exceptional quality nursing care of health and rehabilitation services. The goal is to encourage each resident to achieve the highest level of independence and autonomy, and to maintain dignity and respect.
Rehabilitation services involve neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation programs. Therapists think beyond traditional therapies and think about what would best restore, compensate, or adapt to patients' loss of functioning. Physical therapy assesses impairments in strength, balance, endurance, and range of motion following an injury or illness. Speech-language pathologists are available to evaluate and treat communication disorders and increase patients' ability to understand and be understood. Speech-language therapy also assists with memory problems and eating difficulties. Occupational therapy helps with self care such as dressing and bathing. Occupational therapy also helps with eating and home management. Other occupational services are available to improve cognition, orientation, and psychosocial skills. AHR also has a Freedom through Functionality program which was designed for older adults to increase muscle strength, enhance joint flexibility, increase cardiovascular endurance, improve blood pressure, decrease pain and the occurrence of falls.
Services Provided
Child Development/Disabilities/Rehab
Hospital/Home Health/Respite Care Facilities

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