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Whiteside County Truants' Alternative Program

1001 West 23rd Street, Sterling, IL 61081
(815) 625-1495
(815) 625-1625
Chris Palmer, Coordinator
The Whiteside County Truants' Alternative Program (WCTAP) provides interventions and supportive services to truant and chronically truant students, potential dropouts and their families. WCTAP assists school districts with services for truant and at-risk students in an effort to reduce school absenteeism and school failure.
Office hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. WCTAP looks at truancies from students in kindergarten to sophomore year in high school. The effects of truancy and dropping out of school create problems that are both short and long term. Significant factors that contribute to truancy are insufficient homelessness, poverty, gang affiliation, and cultural limitations. The WCTAP acts as a liaison between home, school, and community resources to provide a broad-range approach for assisting truant students and their families. Program staff meet with each student and his/her guardian to identify truancy causes, and together they develop an individualized service plan to improve each student's attendance. Individual and family issues contributing to truancy are addressed during home visits, school visits, and through counseling and linkages with community resources. This proposal presents a comprehensive program to confront those issues that contribute to truancy by utilizing as many resources as possible. The elements of accountability, responsibility, and networking will continue to be essential to the effectiveness of the program. The program is funded through the Illinois State Board of Education. There are no fees for the services.
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