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CJS Courses

Here is a listing of the Criminal Justice courses offered. Please keep in mind that not every course is offered every semester, and some are offered only occasionally. Many are available online over the Internet. The helpful people at the Academic Advising Office and the Admissions and Registration Office can assist you with your questions.

CJS 100 Violent Patient Management

A Pressure Point Control Technique (PPCT) certificate course offering a training program designed to meet the needs of health care professionals when subject control methods are required. Certification is through PPCT Management Systems.
2 lec/2 lab/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice

The course examines the history, development and philosophy of the American criminal justice system. It includes discussions of
the types of agencies involved in the administration of criminal justice and policies and procedures followed by those agencies,
using a general career-oriented approach. Specific lectures include those topics such as law, criminal offenses and offenders, and agencies responsible for prevention and control of crime.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 102 Sexual Harassment, Assault and Rape Prevention

An exploration of the issues and management techniques surrounding professional harassment, personal harassment, and
prevention methods to avoid a criminal sexual assault.
2 lec/2 lab/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 105 Institutional Behavior in Corrections

The course covers aspects of prison life and correctional officer careers. Issues on daily prison interactions, sexual exploitation
and relationships between correction officers and inmates are explored in detail. A substantial portion of the course includes trips to correctional institutions and/or discussions of these institutions throughout the state.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 108 Criminology

The course is an analysis of theories of criminology. Crime in relation to physical and psychological factors, to cultural areas, to the family and to other social institutions will be examined. Consideration is given to professional crime and “white collar” crime.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 120 Introduction to Corrections

The course is an introduction and analysis of punishment, custody and rehabilitation as administered by law enforcement, courts and corrections. Emphasis is placed on sociological study of the rehabilitation process. Includes visitations by practitioners and clients, as well as field trips to various types of institutions.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 130 Criminal Investigation

The guidelines and requisites for criminal investigators are defined and developed through a general orientation examining both the preliminary and supplementary criminal investigations. Specific types of crime are examined in terms of statutory elements, modus operandi, evidence development and collection, sources of information, interview interrogation, suspect identification, reporting and courtroom presentation.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 131 Basic Crime Scene Photography

Camera, film and chemical procedures that enable the police officer to record photographic evidence for presentation as both
investigative tools and courtroom display.
1 lec, 4 lab/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 135 Criminal Law

The factors relevant to resolution and decision in the bringing forth of criminal charges are developed within the adversary system. The basic principles of criminal liability are reviewed, laying the foundation for considering specific offenses against property, habitation and persons. Special consideration is given to the criminal law within Illinois.
Prerequisite: CJS 101 is recommended.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 200 Ethics in Criminal Justice

Ethics is the study of right and wrong, good and evil. It involves all aspects of who we are–our minds, hearts, relationships with
each other, and the intentions and motives for our actions. During this course students will become more aware and open to moral
and ethical issues in criminal justice and students learn to develop critical thinking and analytical skills causing them to be more personally responsible. The educational process of ethics is recognizing how criminal justice is engaged in a process of authority, coercive power and selective discretionary authority. This course will develop whole sight in creation of a vision of ethical and moral standards within the criminal justice environment.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 208 Juvenile Delinquency

The course is an analysis of the social and psychological factors of delinquent behavior. The practical application of theories of
causation, prevention and rehabilitation is considered with regard to programs. The role of the juvenile police, corrections and probation officers is considered, as well as a look at the Illinois Juvenile Court Act.
Prerequisite: CJS 101 is recommended.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 210 The Family in American Law

A survey and analysis of individual rights and guarantees of due process and procedural requirements of the U.S. and Illinois
Constitutions and relevant statutes and court rulings relating to intervention, apprehension and arrest especially applied to the
context of family relationships.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 214 Correctional Counseling and Treatment

The course is an introduction to selected treatment techniques currently being used in American corrections. This course provides an understanding of the work of correctional treatment agents, their goals and profession, as well as an examination of the environments in which they work.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 225 Cultural Diversity in Law Enforcement

A practical information guidelines course for students seeking cross-cultural knowledge and sensitivity. The course stresses that those who are charged with the responsibility of public protection and service will demonstrate greater professionalism, both within the multicultural workforce and in the community they serve. It is recommended that CJS 101 or SOC 112 be taken prior to enrolling in this course.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 227 Probation and Parole

Early development, types of service, administrative organizations, investigation and supervisory aspects of probation and parole within the legal structure of society.
Prerequisite: CJS 120
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 230 Police Community Relations

An introduction and analysis of theories, techniques and programs involving police image and public response. Special attention to problems of crime prevention, alcoholism, addiction and public safety.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 231 Criminal Evidence and Procedure

Criminal evidence for police, types of evidence, criminal procedures in various courts, arrest, search and seizure, collection of evidence, discretion and related topics.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 236 Introduction to Criminalistics

Physical evidence, collection, identification, preservation and transportation, crime laboratory capability and limitations, examination of physical evidence within resources of the investigator and demonstration of laboratory criminalistics to the extent supported by existing or available facilities.
Prerequisite: CJS 130 is recommended.
2 lec, 2 lab/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 240 Police Administration

An analysis of the organizing, planning and controlling of public agencies. Includes theories on the directing of people to achieve
objectives as well as a survey of administration and management patterns. The course introduces personnel policies, budgeting and planning as they relate to the criminal justice system. Utilizes a case approach in analyzing current management theories.
3 lec/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 250 Criminal Justice Practicum

A supervised field experience designed to utilize and develop the student’s training and educational skills in a specific correctional, law enforcement, or social justice placement. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
5-15 lab/week Credit: 1-3 semester hours

CJS 289 Defense Tactics - Pressure Point Technique

The Pressure Point Control Technique system is a subject control system developed through tactical, legal and medical research. Tactically, it addresses the common types of resistance encountered by officers. Legally, the PPCT system covers a comprehensive use of force continuum and clarifies the force level appropriate for every level of resistance. Medically, the PPCT system covers pain compliance and motor responses under both normal and accelerated applications. Knowledge and proficiency of the PPCT system will enable officers to effectively subdue subjects at a low level of force while minimizing personal injury. Current criminal justice professionals who successfully complete the course will be certified in PPCT at the completion of the course. Students who become employed by police or corrections agencies within one year of completion of the course will be eligible for certification in PPCT.
Prerequisite: Open to CJS professionals, CJS majors, and those approved by the instructor.
2 lec, 2 lab/week Credit: 3 semester hours

CJS 299 Topics/Issues in Criminal Justice

This course will be designed to meet the special needs and interests of students on an occasional basis. Analysis of special
problems in law enforcement, parole, probation, corrections and criminalistics which arise during the educational process or which require special in-depth consideration. Special emphasis on local problems and requirements. (Topic to be listed on student’s permanent academic record.) This course is repeatable three times for a maximum of twelve credits.
1-2-3 lec/week Credit: 1-2-3 semester hours