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Program Requirements

NRS 116, Medical Technology for Health Careers, must be completed with a grade of “C” or above prior to starting the first semester RAD courses. A course accepted as equivalent in transfer from another institution may require a “B” or better due to differences in course grading scales. See the health counselor for more information. A grade of “C” is the minimum passing grade for all major field requirements, communications, life science, and mathematics courses. A “C” average must be maintained in all other general education requirements. Successful completion of a radiologic technology course requires a “C” in the classroom and a “C” in the clinical experience. A student who is unsatisfactory in any one of these areas will receive a failing grade for the course. If a RAD course is failed, it may be repeated once by going through a readmission to the program. No more than one RAD course may be repeated.

Program Contacts

Health Career Education Counselor: 815-835-6208
Program Coordinator: Dianna Brevitt 815-835-6362


Sauk Valley Community College is required by law to give preference to in-district resident candidates. Out-of-district applicants will be considered if space is avail after June 1 of the year of application to enter the program. Out-of-district applicant to the program coming from collge with cooperative agreements will be given the same consideration as in-district applicants according to availability of out-of-district applicant according to availability of out-of-district clinical sites.

General Education Requirements

  • Communications
  • Mathematics (MAT 106 or 121)
  • Life Science (BIO 108 required) 
  • Humanities/Fine Arts
  • Social/Behavioral Science (PSY 103 recommended)
  • Orientation

Major Field Requirements

  • RAD 191 Technical Nursing I
  • RAD 192 Technical Nursing II
  • RAD 194 Intro to Rad Tech
  • RAD 184 Rad Tech Clinical Exp I
  • RAD 185 Rad Tech Clinical Exp II
  • RAD 186 Rad Tech Clinical Exp III
  • RAD 195 Intermediate Rad Tech
  • RAD 196 Electricity for Rad Techs
  • RAD 197 Ionizing Radiation in Medicine
  • RAD 200 Venipuncture for Rad Techs
  • RAD 284 Rad Tech Clinical Exp IV
  • RAD 285 Rad Tech Clinical Exp V
  • RAD 286 Rad Tech Clinical Exp VI
  • RAD 294 Quality Control in Radiography
  • RAD 295 Special Radiographic Procedures
  • RAD 296 Survey of Disciplines Allied to Rad.
  • RAD 297 Advanced Rad Tech Seminar

Grading Scale

All course work and clinicals follow this scale. A grade of “C” or above is required in all Radiography courses.

  • 93 - 100% - A - Excellent
  • 84 - 92% - B - Good
  • 77 - 83% - C - Meets minimal expectations
  • 70 - 76% - D - Does not meet minimal expectations
  • Below 70% - F