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Honorable Mention - "Queen Mabve and Her Foe"

1998 Anne Horton Writing Award
Honorable Mention
"Queen Mabve and Her Foe"

Recently, I read a statement that disturbed me. It read: "People are hindered more by dreams than by reality." I believe this to be a fallacy.

Dreams are the fabric from which kingly raiment is fashioned. Dreams are the metals that construct spaceships and craft wedding bands. Dreams are the paper on which tickets to Babe Ruth's farewell game are printed.

Reality is what stops a small boy from leaving Cabrini Greens. Reality is what keeps a young paraplegic from walking on the moon. Reality deprives today's youth from turning their lonely eyes to Joe Dimagio.

Reality is no more than a slap in a child's face when his parents tell him that he is too small to be a football star, and he would do better to study his multiplication tables. Reality is the bitter truth of AIDS, war, greed, injustice, hate, underhandedness, hypocrisy, illiteracy, destitution, and a myriad of others. Reality is serial killers, prostitution, eight year old heroin junkies, and the loss of hope that accompanies such atrocities.

A dream, however, is the crowd roaring after a young girl nets the winning basket. Dreams are composed of chivalry, charity, true love, heroes, and integrity. A world of dreams sees its inhabitants sheltered, satiated, literate, and fit. A dream world is forgiving, just, unbiased, free of disease and vice, tranquil, and even poetic.

I condemn those who would condemn dreamers. Had Fleming not played a gambit with a bit of mold, we would not have penicillin, Winston Churchill would have died of pneumonia, and the Normandy Invasion would have failed. Had a handful of pilots not risked their lives, the sound barrier would have never been broken. If Henry Ford had not had a vision, we would be driving horses rather than cars.

No, dreams do not hinder people. Dreams are the keys that hide the greatest treasures of our universe. We may condemn them, but dreamers and visionaries have always been our favorite leaders. Gandhi, Martin Luther, Rousseau, Voltaire, Bobby Kennedy, Huxley, Cromwell, Lennon, Morrison, and Hendrix all had two things in common. They all had dreams, and we idolize them for their dreams. Perhaps now is the time for each of us to follow our dreams.