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Physics 202: General Physics II

This Spring semester course is a survey of the general principles of electricity, magnetism, light and optics, and modern physics. It provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts and mathematics associated with physics as an organized body of knowledge based on the scientific method.

Course Outcomes

  1. Calculate electric fields and forces associated wtih electric charge distributions.
  2. Solve problems involving work and energy associated with electric charge distributions.
  3. Compute electric current, resistance, resistivity, and electrical power.
  4. Apply the laws of resistor combinations and Kirchhoff's Rules to solve circuit problems.
  5. Perform calculations involving the behavior of magnets and the effects of magnetic fields on charged particles, wires, parallel conductors, and current loops.
  6. Identify the connections between electricity and magnetism.
  7. Analyze ac circuits and the origin and nature of electromagnetic waves.
  8. Apply the geometric and wave nature of light to various circumstances.
  9. Summarize and use the basic principles of modern physics.