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SVCC Fitness Center Program


Register at the Admissions office and pay fees in the Business office. Those enrolling in PED 150 Sections A and C must attend an orientation/evaluation session. Sign-up at the Fitness Center desk for an appointment and pick all forms.

Evaluation Procedures

  1. Attire should consist of the following: short sleeve shirt, shorts, socks, gym shoes and a towel.
  2. All forms completed.
  3. A physicians approval to exercise is required if a person is considered at high risk. Examples are High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Cardiovascular Disease, Sedentary Lifestyle and Diabetes.
  4. Test and Evaluations that are offered include: height, weight, * Rest heart rate, * Cardiovascular exercise test, * blood pressure, * sit and reach flexibility, circumference measurements, skin folds (body fat %), muscular endurance sit-ups, and muscular strength push-ups. Test listed with an astrict are required.
  5. Demonstration of proper form and use of the equipment will be given and seat heights, ranges, and weight selections will be recorded.
  6. Refrain from consuming caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc. at least two hours prior to testing. Eat a light meal 1-2 hoursbefore the evaluation. Medication should be taken as prescribed.

Course Requirements

  1. Post-test evaluation are to be completed for all individuals. A mid semester evaluation is offered for anyone interested.
  2. Log each workout session on your individual activity card and record the exercise session on paper or the computer.
  3. Each student is required to bring a towel to Each exercise session.
  4. Check with the Fitness Center staff about the grading scale.
  5. Anyone taking PED 150-153 for a grade that does not complete the minimum requirement by the end of thesemester will receive an "W" Withdraw grade.
  6. Pass/Withdraw Option can be taken for individuals not wanting a letter grade. Those wishing to take this option mustfill out a Pass/Withdraw form available in the Admissions Office. You must complete the form before the8th week of class.