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Aerobic Super Circuit Fitness Center & Weight Room

Sauk's modern Fitness Center provides total conditioning for men and women in a comfortable, air-conditioned and pleasant setting.  The Weight Room features over five thousand pounds of free weights that includes multiple sets of dumbbells ranging from 5 to 90 lbs.  The new facility also offers over two dozen pieces of the latest equipment from Cybex in the form of plate loaded and selectorized machines, as well as traditional benches, racks, and accessories.

Total Fitness Through Super Circuit Training

Total fitness results from our Super Circuit training, which combines resistance and aerobic exercise.  Each time you exercise you gain muscle tone, strength, flexibility, endurance and cardiovascular efficiency for complete conditioning.

The Super Circuit system consists of state-of-the-art equipment arranged in a scientifically based sequence.  Each machine, which can be adjusted to a person's height, exercises a specific muscle group and by riding a bicycle between stations exercises the cardiovascular system.  Going around the circuit from station to station exercises the who body.  The program should help you look and feel better regardless of you age or physical condition.

Getting Started

To begin you enroll in PED150 - Super Circuit Fitness I - 1 credit hour.  Participation cost is tuition plus a $25 lab fee.  Since each course is self-pacing, you select your own times and days to exercise.  The Weight Room is offered through the Fitness Center or as PED 129 which has a set class meeting time.

Open Enrollment

We now offer open enrollment for the Fitness Center (PED 150-153).  You can begin the class at any time once you enroll, you have 16 continuous weeks to complete the course.

Fitness Center Requirements

ALL students are required to attend an evaluation and orientation session with a Degreed Professional Staff Member at the Fitness Center. Sign-up sheets for the evaluation and orientation are located in the Fitness Center.  Upon completion of the evaluation and orientation, you may exercise in the Fitness Center at times that fit your schedule.