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Canvas Migration FAQ

When will Canvas Replace Moodle?

Beginning with the summer 2016 semester, all online and enhanced courses will be taught using Canvas.

Why is Sauk switching to Canvas?

Canvas’ user interface is designed to be more intuitive, so it is easier to learn and use. This will allow faculty to focus on instruction.  It’s also mobile friendly, so it will work on your smartphone or tablet.

View this quick video guide showcasing Canvas' user interface.

How will my Moodle courses be moved to Canvas?

Faculty will be able to migrate their courses from Moodle to Canvas during guided sessions at Workshop day on March 29th. Adjuncts may attend a guided session during their workshop the evening of March 28th. Additional assistance may be provided by FaCIT by appointment.

Tutorial Guides for Migrating Your Courses:

Will I need to edit my courses after migrating them to Canvas?

Faculty will need to perform some initial adaptations to their Canvas courses after moving them from Moodle. Plan to allow time prior to the start of the semester for this; the amount of work necessary will vary depending on the content of each course. Faculty attending a summer boot camp will likely complete revisions by the end of the last session.

When do I transition?

Faculty should plan to move all of their courses from Moodle to Canvas prior to the end of August, 2016.

What training is available to me?

FaCIT is offering two-day Canvas Boot Camp sessions this summer. Choose from May 16/17, May 25/26, June 13/14 or August 9/10. In addition, a self-paced online course, Essentials: Canvas, is available beginning March 29th. Register for any of these sessions at the FaCIT web page.

Canvas provides an extensive library of text-based “Guides” and video Guides to assist instructors in learning the product.

Access the Spring 2016 Workshop Day training folder items. 

What about enhanced courses?

All enhanced courses can be migrated to Canvas.

What will happen to my course(s) in Moodle?

No courses will be taught using Moodle after the spring 2016 semester.  After August 2016, Sauk will no longer have access to our Moodle site hosted by Moodlerooms.  FaCIT will have backup files of courses created in Moodle.

What support will be provided to students?

Students are being supported in many ways:

  • The Sauk website will be updated to include Canvas login information and support tutorials at

  • The Orientation to Online Learning free course has been migrated to Canvas and updated to instruct students in the basics of using Canvas. Consider making this course a requirement for students before they begin your online course.  

  • Jump Start and summer Orientation sessions will introduce Canvas to students new to Sauk.

  • Returning students will be notified via email, flyers passed out by Student Services personnel, and a marketing campaign.