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Can You Give Me An Overview?

A screencast is a recording of actions on the computer screen. Most screencasts include narration. They can be used to demonstrate the use of software or to give verbal feedback on digital work, while displaying that work. 

How Might I Use Screencasting? 

Demonstrate the steps in a process such as how to: 

  • log into Moodle.
  • log into course-specific software.
  • set up a software account. 
  • set up a documentation style for a paper (e.g. APA or MLA).
  • demonstrate various features of a software program.

Give feedback on work. 

  • Highlight and verbally discuss a paper.
  • Show errors in an Excel spreadsheet. 
  • Explain how to improve a student presentation or web site that was submitted digitally. 

Virtually anything that can be done on a computer can be captured, narrated, and saved for playback by students. 

How Do I Get Started?

FaCIT has 10 licenses to the web-based tool Screencast-o-matic. Because it is web-based software, faculty can use this tool on their own computer without any installation and without needing to come to FaCIT's offices.  If you'd prefer to use your own account, Screencast-o-matic also offers a free account with limited features. Contact FaCIT for information on how to access this tool.  

What Are Some Examples?

What Are Additional Resources?