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Sending Email to Your Class Through SOAR

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Use the email button on the class roster page in SOAR to Email your students.

Step Listing

Step-by-Step Directions

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  1. Step 1: Login to SOAR and Open Your Class

    1. Log in to SOAR at 
    2. Access your class list by:
      • clicking on the Faculty & Counselors link 
      • then click on the Class List link.
    3. On the next screen select the term and then the class. 
    4. Click Submit. 

  2. Step 2: Rick Click the Mail Icon

    1. Scroll down to the bottom of your class list to find the Email class icon.
    2. Right Click on the mail icon.
      • Chrome will not work.
      • If using Firefox- Select Copy Email Address from the menu list.
      • If using Internet Explorer - Select Copy shortcut from the menu list.

  3. Step 3: Copy Pasted Emails into New Email Message

    1. Open your Sauk Mail and create a new message by clicking the "Compose" button.
    2. Paste the copied email addresses into the Bcc box by first clicking “Bcc:” (Bcc stands for “Blind Carbon Copy”, which means multiple recipients will not see each other’s email address.  It is recommended that you Bcc your students so that they will not see each others email addresses.)
    3. Right click in the Bcc text field, then select Paste. 
    4. You can leave the “To:” box empty or enter your address to send a copy to yourself. 

  4. Step 4: Delete any extra text in the Bcc Field

    When you pasted these addresses from SOAR some extra text was copied that you need to delete. In the Bcc: box scroll all the way to the beginning of the email addresses. Delete any text that is not an email address. 

  5. Step 5: Compose your message and send.

    Compose the message to your students and click send.

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