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Create Captions in YouTube

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This tutorial will explain how to create and edit captions in YouTube.

Step Listing

Step-by-Step Directions

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  1. Step 1: Do you have a transcript?

    When creating closed captions, using a transcript of the audio in your video can save you a lot of time.  If you do not have a transcript to upload, read through steps one through three, then skip to step seven.

    In order to upload a transcript to YouTube, it needs to be saved as a .txt file using the UTF-8 format. 

    On a PC:

    1. Open Notepad, (You can find the application Notepad by clicking the start menu and going to the Accessories folder.)
    2. Copy your text into a new Notepad document
    3. Click File then Save as
    4. Select Text Documents (*.txt) under “Save as type” and choose UTF-8 under “Encoding” (see image)

    On a Mac

    1. Open TextEdit, copy your text into a new TextEdit document
    2. Click Format, then select Make Plain Text
    3. Click File, then Save
    4. Select Unicode (UTF-8)

  2. Step 2: Go to Creator Studio in YouTube

    After logging into YouTube, go to the creator studio.  Find this by clicking on your user icon found towards the top right.

  3. Step 3: Go to the subtitles and captions edit screen.

    Open the edit menu by clicking on the arrow next to the 'Edit' button, choose 'subtitles and CC'.

    *If you do not have a transcript to upload, skip to step seven. 

  4. Step 4: Click to add new subtitles or CC.

    Click to add new 'subtitles or CC', choose English. 

  5. Step 5: Upload your transcript.

    First, click to upload a file.  In the popup window, upload your file.

  6. Step 6: Check your transcript and submit to set timings.

    Once the file is uploaded, check to makes sure it was uploaded correctly.  Then click the 'Set Timings' button to begin YouTube's automated process of syncing your transcript with the video's audio.  This may take several minutes.  You may need to refresh your screen to see if YouTube has finished.

  7. Step 7: Return to edit your captions, or begin from YouTube's automatically created captions

    This step is needed if you did not have a transcript to upload, or you are returning to edit your video after uploading your transcript.   See the image to make your selection. 

  8. Step 8: Edit Your Captions

    Watch this short video to learn how to edit your captions with YouTube's caption editor.

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