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Guide to Creating a Clicker Presentation

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Creating a Basic Multiple Choice Slide 

1. Open TurningPoint.

2. Select PowerPoint Polling.

3. Open an existing PowerPoint presentation (if applicable) or create a new presentation.

4. Click New from the TurningPoint toolbar and select Multiple Choice. 

5. Type the question and up to 10 possible answer choices for multiple choice questions.

6. Click outside of the answer box.

Note: These are the required steps to build a basic slide. More options are listed below. 

Setting Correct Answers and Adding Objects (optional)

1. Click to expand Options and select Correct from the drop-down menu of the correct answer choice in the Slide Preferences. 

2. Add a Correct Answer Indicator and Countdown Timer from the Objects button on the TurningPoint toolbar. 

  • The Correct Answer Indicator will give participants a visual confirmation fo the correct answer once polling closes.
  • The Countdown Timer will give a visual indicator of how long participants have to answer the question before polling closes. 

Adapted from resources at TurningTechnologies