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Can You Give Me An Overview?

Podcasts are audio recordings that allow students to listen to material on any device. Podcasts help to humanize online courses, as they provide students an opportunity to hear the instructor's voice. Once completed, the audio files can be placed in Canvas for easy access.

How Do I Get Started?

Recording a podcast requires only a device enabled to record audio and to save the audio to the .mp3 format. Podcasts could be recorded on tablets or smartphones, with digital voice recorders, or with a personal computer or laptop with a microphone and recording software.

Begin by creating a plan for your recording. Will it feature one speaker? Two speakers having a conversation? A panel discussion? Plan the content, and try to keep the overall length to ten minutes or less.

What Are Some Examples?

  • An instructor may provide short podcasts introducing new material in an online course.
  • An instructor could explain the important details and expectations of a major assignment.
  • In Canvas, instructors can offer comments and feedback via audio comments in Speedgrader, Discussions, and more.
  • A student or instructor interviews a professional in the field of study, using prepared questions relevant to the course.

What Are Additional Resources?

Tools for Recording and Editing Podcasts

  • Audacity - free audio recording software for personal computers and laptops
  • Soundbible - a free archive of sounds to add interest to your podcasts.
  • Canvas Audio Recorder - instructions for using the Canvas Audio Recorder
  • Vocaroo - free, online voice recorder

Podcasting Information