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Using YouTube to Post Videos

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What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing website that becomes a great learning space when you post videos or screencasts you create for your class.   All Sauk faculty have access to a YouTube account using the same username and password they use to access their SVCC email.   Use your Sauk Login to access your YouTube account.  (Students can do the same using their student email accounts.)

What are the benefits of using YouTube?

  • Videos play on a wide variety of devices and browsers.
  • Privacy settings allow users to control who has access to videos.
  • Videos can be uploaded and published without special software or advanced technical know-how.
  • YouTube provides an easy-to-use tool for captioning videos.

Where can I learn how to use YouTube to post my videos?

You can learn more about using YouTube from YouTube's help video channel, or from their help pages.  

Here are a few links to help you get started:

Already an experienced YouTube user? These topics might be of interest to you.