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Dashboard Metric 1: Transfer GPA

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Metric #1

The cumulative GPA of former SVCC students at 4-year institutions to other former community college students at those same 4-year institutions are compared.

For participating 4-year higher education institutions, former SVCC students’ (transfer students) GPA at their new 4-year institutions will be compared to other community college students’ GPA at those same 4-year institutions. GPAs will be weighted appropriately. The data below represents an example only.
Source of Data
Four-year institutions provide the data each summer.
4-Year Institution# SVCC studentsAverage GPA at 4-yearWeighted GPA# other community college studentsAverage GPA at 4-yearWeighted GPA
NIU 10 3.1 31 units 100 3.05 305
WIU 20 3.0 60 units 75 2.96 222
Totals 30   91 units/30 =3.03 GPA     527 units/175 =3.01 GPA