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Dashboard Metric 8: Fall to Fall Retention

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Metric #8

The percentage of SVCC students who enroll in the Fall semester and reenroll in the following Fall semester are measured.

Click on the graph in order to see the drill down measurements for a particular fiscal year.

Retention is calculated by determining the percentage of students who are enrolled at SVCC (enrolled 10th day) in the fall semester and return the following fall semester (measured again at 10th day). This metric excludes those students who transfer to another institution, complete their degree or certificate at SVCC or who are ONLY enrolled in BCE, BPS, GSP, or dual credit courses. This metric also excludes course enrollees.

For example, let’s assume that 100 students are enrolled the first fall, and 50 are enrolled in the second fall, but 25 students graduate or transfer. The fall to fall retention rate is…

FF Retention =
X100% = 67%