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Dashboard Metric 16: Transfer Students

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Metric #16

The number of students transferring from SVCC to 4-year institutions in one fiscal year is measured.

Click on the graph in order to see the drill down measurements for a particular fiscal year.

Data will be measured at the end of the fiscal year. This will measure the number of full‐time students who transfer to a 4‐year institution within three years of enrolling at SVCC and will measure the number of part‐time students who transfer to a 4‐year institution within five years. We will identify the student’s cohorts from the E1. If a student is classified as first‐time (E1 Item 8 code 1) and associate degree‐seeking (E1 item 29 code 3) we track them as full‐time students. They remain in the tracking cohort even if they change degree objective. Dual credit students would not be included in these calculations. Data is provided by IS (program code zxdrilldown1619.pco).