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Phone System Transition

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Project Timeline

More detailed dates will be added as the project develops.

  • March-July - Evaluate potential vendors, test and demonstrate Digium solution 
  • August 28 - Purchase approved by board, equipment ordered
  • August 15-September 15 - Finish documenting and confirming current call queues, etc.
  • September 1-15 - Hardware ordered/delivered, begin configuring servers
  • September 15-19 - Hold training sessions, deliver phones (internal use only), confirm/refine call queue setup
  • September 29 - CUT OVER DAY
    (unplug your old phone and plug in the new, IS will be coming around to help)
  • September 30 - Current Avaya support ends

Training Sessions

Trainings are divided up into Basic and Advanced. Basic training will cover how to set up and use the features of the new phones, and the most commonly-used features. Advanced training will build on that and go deeper into some of the ways you can customize your phone and also using the optional web interface.

Please RSVP so we can make sure we have enough phones available.

  • Monday, 9/25, 2D01
    12:30 Basic
    12:45 Advanced
  • Wednesday, 9/27, 2D01
    12:30 Basic
    12:45 Advanced
  • Friday, 9/29, 2D01
    10:00 Basic
    10:15 Advanced

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this to me? I like our phones just fine!
Our Avaya system, purchased in 2005, is approaching (or past) the end of its useful life. In addition, the annual maintenance costs are very high and it is very difficult to configure. The new Digium system is a more modern solution which will provide new features, be easier to maintain, all while saving the College over $26,600 per year.
Will my extension number or direct line change?
No. Your extension number will stay the same, as will your direct line (815-835-6xxx).
Will the new phones still have the alphabetical directory listing?
Yes, there will be an alphabetical listing. You will also have the ability to filter by department or search using numerical equivalent.
Can I get my voicemail sent to my email? Do I have to?
Yes, voicemail can be sent to email, but a visual voicemail interface from your desk phone will also be available.
Do I have to keep the switchboard interface open on my computer?
No. The switchboard interface is available as an option and may be easier for you, but you can control most or all functions directly from your desk phone.

About the Phones

Desk phones will be the Digium D65, and classrooms will be equipped with the Digium D62.

Training Materials