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Who to Contact in IS

Tony Boone
Technical Support Specialist - Programmer

  • Calendar events, course schedules, president's/dean's lists
  • Wait lists
  • State reporting
  • Deceased alumni

Geoff Bork
Technical Support Specialist - Software Applications

  • FileBound
  • Campus display/wayfinding monitors
  • Toner replacement
  • Electronic Faxing

Valerie Boss
Coordinator of Systems Administration

  • Computer equipment and software issues and requests
  • Phone questions
  • User Access and login issues

Kristina Fordyce
Coordinator of Database Administration

  • Banner/SOAR questions
  • SOAR PINs for Staff (students should contact Admissions)
  • Argos reports

Dave Habben
Coordinator of Network Services and Computing

  • Network connection questions
  • Server questions

Eric Epps
Director of Information Services

  • Cascade Server questions
  • Website updates/additions
  • Can't reach someone
  • Everything else

Contact FaCIT for the following inquiries:

  • classroom tech support
  • equipment reservations
  • Canvas support
  • online learning questions
  • instructional design
  • video/eLearning creation
  • professional development
  • ILCCO support