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COMPASS Test Information

COMPASS (Placement) Test Information

  • Appointment is not needed but is preferred.
  • Math Compass test must be started a minimum of one hour prior to the Testing Center closing.
  • e-Write Compass test must be started a minimum of two hours prior to the Testing Center closing.
  • All students must fill out a Student Information Form prior to testing.
  • All students must be at least 16 years old.
  • A current photo ID issued by the government or SVCC is required.
  • Student must know his/her Social Security Number.
  • Calculators, scratch paper, and pencils are provided by the Testing Center. 
  • The student is allowed to take the test up to two times a calendar year.
  • Once the student has started a math or English Language Arts class they may not retake the placement test until the course is complete.
  • Results of the exam are immediately sent to the Counseling Department at SVCC.
  • Request for results can be made through the Counseling Department (815)835-6208.
  • Special arrangements are available for students with disabilities when requested.  Please contact us at (813)835-6530.
  • All food, drinks, hats, electronic items (cell phones, IPods, etc.), bags, and book bags are restricted from the Testing Center.  They must be placed in our closet upon entering the Testing Center.
  • Please call (815) 835-6530 with any questions or to make an appointment.
  • Tests will be administered in room 1F2.

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