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Adjunct Faculty Directory/Biographies

NameContact InfoBest Way to Contact
Aldridge, Mandy M
Arellano, Jessica Lynn
Beyerl, Brian L
Chromek, Paul A
Clements, Brant of Clements, Brant A.B.
Cole, Kimberly J
Dehaan, Darin Jphoto of Dehaan, Darin JBest Way to Contact:
The best way to contact me is via email. I can usually respond immediately.
Dimmig, Sherry M
Gonzalez, Jose M
Hoyle, Christine
Jacobs, Debra
Matthews, Cathryn J
McFarlane, Sarah A
Minks, Danette L
Nelson, John D
Phillips, Steven W
Pink, Kerensa K
Plummer, Kimberly Nphoto of Plummer, Kimberly NBest Way to Contact:
I can be contacted by e-mail anytime and it is my perfered method of contact.
Randall, Judy L
Sigafus, Valerie L
Smith, Audrey E
Sotelo, Ryan Fphoto of Sotelo, Ryan F
Thompson, Michael J
Vinnedge-Gerdes, Vickie D
Walrath, Taylor Rphoto of Walrath, Taylor RBest Way to Contact:
Email me or stop by during office hours if you want to meet to discuss psychology, have any questions about class, or just to say hello!