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Adjunct Faculty Directory/Biographies

NameContact InfoBest Way to Contact
Aldridge, Mandy MBest Way to Contact:
Email is the best way to contact me
Austin, Elizabeth Marie
Barkley, Michelle Rphoto of Barkley, Michelle RBest Way to Contact:
Preferred Method of Contact: Email: Office Hours: By appointment only
Bates, Greta Linden
Bierdeman, Steve
Bomleny, Stacy M
Caudillo, Jared I
Clark, Jeffrey
Clements, Brant of Clements, Brant A.B.Best Way to Contact:
Cole, Gina L
Dehaan, Darin Jphoto of Dehaan, Darin JBest Way to Contact:
The best way to contact me is via email. I can usually respond immediately.
DeShane, Shelley L
Deter, Denise J
Deuth, Emily L
Dimmig, Sherry M
Drew, Deanna
Fellows, Dana Sphoto of Fellows, Dana SBest Way to Contact:
Email at
Fisch, Robin L
Gallentine, Deena R
Gates, Stacy
Gatz, Elisa JBest Way to Contact:
Email is the best way, and I check it often.
Geil, Marc A
Grotto, John J
Hellmich, David M
Henard, Sheila N
Hughes, Dena L
Jackson, Mark A
Jacobs, Debra
Jacoby, Cathleen M
Kelly, Lyndsey M
Kern-Lyons, Valerie Lphoto of Kern-Lyons, Valerie LBest Way to Contact:
815-835-6204 - Academic Advising Office - e-mail
Kerns, James CBest Way to Contact:
Students can normally contact me using my email address ( However, if a student has a question or concern that needs immediate attention, they can contact by telephone (815/378-1961).
King, Jeannie S
Kipping, Sara M
Kohlert, Jill L
Kraft-Toole, Kim R
Kriz, Michael A
Lawrence, Marcy S
Lincoln, Christy A
Matthews, Cathryn J
Mennie, Denis
Mimini, Lirim
Minks, Danette L
Myers, Jeffrey D
Padilla, Joshua A
Padilla, Norbert Thomas
Peck, Lisa L
Phillips, Steven W
Pink, Kerensa K
Plock, Rachel R
Roddy, Stuart
Sanders, James ABest Way to Contact:
Faculty email between 8am-5pm is the best method of contacting me.
Santos, Leslie M
Schaefer, Kathleen I
Schaefer, Kelly S
Scott, Elizabeth J
Selover, Michael R
Shaffer, Jonathon C E
Smith, Audrey E
Smith, Kris L
Snyder, Jason S
Sotelo, Ryan Fphoto of Sotelo, Ryan F
Spencer, Donna J
Stevenson, Michael P
Stone, John A
Strabala-Bright, Joe A
Thompson, Debbie M
Vincent, Christine L
Walls, Jeremy A
Walrath, Taylor Rphoto of Walrath, Taylor RBest Way to Contact:
Email me if you want to meet to discuss psychology, have any questions about class, or just to say hello!
West, Joshua JBest Way to Contact:
The best way to contact me is via email.
Wolever, Gavin R
Wooden, Denise N
Worley, Mary T
Zimmerman, Ryan W