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Adjunct Faculty Directory/Biographies

NameContact InfoBest Way to Contact
Adolphson, LeNie A photo of Adolphson, LeNie A Best Way to Contact:
Wednesday: 5.00-5.55 Adjunct Office
Aponte, Noel A
Baker, Molly H photo of Baker, Molly H Best Way to Contact:
Barkley, Michelle R Best Way to Contact:
Preferred Method of Contact: Email: Office Hours: By appointment only
Bates, Greta Linden
Bechtold, Lynne
Berhow, Julia A
Beyerl, Brian L
Bierdeman, Steve
Blazquez, Odile M photo of Blazquez, Odile M Best Way to Contact:
Brandt, Thompson A
Bray, Marie A
Bressler, Mark W
Brunner, Rachel D photo of Brunner, Rachel D Best Way to Contact:
The easiest way to contact me is via email at I check it frequently and respond as promptly as I can.
Buskohl, Ryan Eugene
Carew, Michael W
Christen, Stephanie M
Clark, Jeffrey
Clements, Brant A.B.
Clow, Adela
Crawford, Laura LM
Cupps-Miller, Heather Anne
Dahlberg, Janet L photo of Dahlberg, Janet L Best Way to Contact:
Sauk email or text; phone in an emergency.
Damhoff, Russ K
Dehaan, Darin J photo of Dehaan, Darin J Best Way to Contact:
The best way to contact me is via email. I can usually respond immediately.
DeShane, Shelley L
Dimmig, Sherry M
Dorman, Maureen E Best Way to Contact:
Anytime via home e-mail:
Dossett, Amy M
Duncan, Robert L
Ewers, Denise Y Best Way to Contact:
Email: or
Faber, Cheryl M
Fellows, Dana S photo of Fellows, Dana S Best Way to Contact:
Email at or
Fischbach, Timothy C
Frias, Jennie
Fulfs PhD, Patricia A
Gaffey, Sharon K
Gallentine, Deena R
Gatz, Elisa J Best Way to Contact:
Email is the best way, and I check it often.
Gonzalez, Jose M
Gorgas, Suzanne M
Grotto, John J
Habben, David A photo of Habben, David A
Hemmen, Michael K
Hobson, Ronald K
Horn, Jill L Best Way to Contact:
Hubbard, Kristin M
Huntley, Martin J
Inman, Terrence L Best Way to Contact:
The best ways to contact me are: e-mail: or phone: 815-501-5362 (voice and or text) IF YOU TEXT ME.... Please make sure to identify yourself as one of my students. Since I won't have your number in my phone I won't know who is texting or calling me.
Jackson, Mark A
Jacobs, Nathan P
Jacoby, Cathleen M
Jallo, Ross L
Johnson, Jedidiah F
Johnson, Jeffrey A
Johnson, Stephen E
Kamp, Jason E
Kelly, Lyndsey M
Kern-Lyons, Valerie L photo of Kern-Lyons, Valerie L Best Way to Contact:
815-835-6204 - Counseling Office - e-mail
Kerns, James C Best Way to Contact:
Students can normally contact me using my email address ( However, if a student has a question or concern that needs immediate attention, they can contact by telephone (815/378-1961).
Kipping, Sara M
Kline, Valerie Jean
Kriz, Michael A
Kuchel, Tracie L
Lauritzen, Nancy E
Leake, Daniel C
Leddy, Kelly K
Ledergerber, Ann Marie
Limond, Linda Sue
Lyman, Edward W
Mardauss, Nina M
Matheney, Janet L
Matthews, Cathryn J
Mayo, Nancy T
McCasky, Brenda K
McClanathan, Peter J Best Way to Contact:
McFarlane, Sarah A
McGraw, John C
Mennie, Denis
Merrill, Dustin T
Mewhirter, Tedra S
Mihina, Stephen
Mimini, Lirim
Moore, James D
Moran, Joan J Best Way to Contact:
Nesbit, Fred L
Neubauer, Mary Sue
Northcutt, David A Best Way to Contact:
cell phone or SVCC email, either way is fine
Nunez, Kris
Padilla, Norbert Thomas
Payne, Brandon J Best Way to Contact:
Email or phone is preferred contact method
Peck, Lisa L
Penning, Janice J
Phillips, Steven W
Pink, Kerensa K
Plummer, Kimberly N photo of Plummer, Kimberly N Best Way to Contact:
I can be contacted by e-mail anytime and it is my perfered method of contact.
Popp, Joseph S
Rich, Nancy Jill
Ringenberg, Alan K
Roddy, Stuart
Roser, Jennifer J Best Way to Contact:
Sanders, James A Best Way to Contact:
Faculty email between 8am-5pm is the best method of contacting me.
Sauter, Glenn A
Schaefer, Kathleen I
Schaefer, Kelly S
Schwartz, John H
Setchell, Linda S
Shaffer, Jonathon C E
Shelley, Chris A Best Way to Contact:
Sotelo, Ryan F photo of Sotelo, Ryan F
Speaker, Kathleen B
Spencer, Donna J
Spreeman, Brandi K
Stone, John A
Strum, Teresa J photo of Strum, Teresa J Best Way to Contact:
Email is the best form of communication for me.
Sullivan, Michael D
Swanson, Loretta M photo of Swanson, Loretta M Best Way to Contact:
CONTACT INFORMATION: As an adjunct faculty member, I don't have an office in the traditional sense nor a telephone extension. Therefore, the best way to contact me is via email using my SVCC account I find email to be the best way to communicate as then we all have a written record of the conversation. OFFICE HOURS: I am always available directly before and after class and am happy to arrange appointments with students for other times on Mondays or Wednesdays.
Todd, Valerie M
Toms, Danielle P
Toole, Kim R
Vinnedge, Vickie D
Wallace, Cassandra Kay
Walls, Jeremy A
Walrath, Taylor R photo of Walrath, Taylor R Best Way to Contact:
Email is the best way to contact me.
Weber, Jill C
Werckle, Sara L
West, Joshua J Best Way to Contact:
The best way to contact me is via email.
Wetzell, Miranda P
Wittenauer, Theresa Jean
Worcester, Jeanne H
Young, John V
Zimmerman, Emily Jean
Zimmerman, Ryan W
Zinke, Shelley M