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Welcome, SVCC Adjunct Faculty!

Michelle Barkley, Assistant Dean of Academics
Michelle Barkley
Assistant Dean of Academics

Welcome to the Sauk Valley Community College Adjunct Faculty website. We are pleased to launch this site and hope and it will provide you a wealth of resources. Sauk Valley Community College is committed to excellence in instruction and we envision this site as a portal to enhance your teaching experience.

The adjunct faculty play an integral role on our campus and we strive to keep you informed and provide the necessary support to assist you in serving our students. We appreciate your contributions to our college and recognize the impact that you make in our student’s lives. We have a diverse group of instructors with great expertise in their disciplines, so take the time to explore the “Biographies” area and discover for yourself the knowledgeable and experienced team that we have.

We are very proud and pleased to have you as a part of our team at Sauk Valley. I thank you for your continuous commitment to serving our college and students, and I look forward to seeing you throughout our campus.

Contact Michelle Barkley, Assistant Dean of Academics, with questions or concerns. Call  815-835-6320 or email Michelle at

Sauk Specs

General Information:

  • President Dr. David Hellmich
    6th President
    Appointed July 2015
  • Year Founded 1965
  • Size of Campus 144 acres
  • Size of Main Building 449,000 sq ft
  • School Motto Sauk Makes it Possible,
    You Make it Happen
  • Mascot Skyhawk, a mythical bird
  • School Colors Red, White and Black
  • Contact Information 815-288-5511 /

Programs Available:

  • Total Number of Degrees and Certificates Available 106
  • Number of Transfer Degrees Available 40
  • Number of Career Degrees Available 19
  • Number of Career Certificates Available 47
  • Number of New Programs Created in Past 5 years 15

Cost to Attend:

  • In-District Tuition Rate Per Credit Hour $111
  • Out-of District Tuition Rate Per Credit Hour $320
  • Out-of-State Tuition Rate Per Credit Hour $347
  • Tuition Rate for Internet Based Courses $111
  • Est. Annual Expense for District Resident $3168