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Dana S Fellows

Adjunct Faculty, CIS

Masters Instructional Design & Tech2009 - Western Illinois University
Bachelor Management Info Systems2006 - Judson University

Sauk Valley Community College

Contact Information

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Contact Information

Dana Fellows

Best way to contact me
Email at
Specialty Areas
My areas of specialty are with Microsoft Server Technologies. I am Microsoft Certified in many products and my goals are to continue to keep current as server technology changes.
Courses Taught
The courses I have taught are Computer Maintenance and Repair, CIS 167; Network Certification, CIS 151; Introduction to Linux, CIS 250; Security Certification, CIS 197; and the entire suite of Microsoft Certification Preparation courses.
My family has been in the Lee County area even before Lee County was an IL County but in August 2017, I received a full-time job offer in Utah at Testout Corp. Local Lee County Illinois history and genealogy is one of my hobbies. My wife and I like to stay active so we bicycle a lot.
What I like most about SVCC
I taught full-time at the Whiteside Area Career Center for 9 years and over that time, developed an excellent relationship with Sauk Valley both personally and professionally. We have developed many dual credit courses that my high school students would take that give them an great head start on their college career. Many of my high school students easily transitioned to SVCC due to this.
My name is Dana Fellows and I live in Orem Utah. I lived outside of Dixon IL, near Grand Detour for 29 years but am originally from Tampico IL, where I met my future wife, Jodie. Jodie and I have three children, Caitlyn, Bryce and Rachel. I worked at, Northwestern Steel & Wire Co. (NWSW), in Sterling, for nearly 15 years as a design draftsman. Although my job title was that of a design draftsman, I basically spent a lot of my time working with technology. After the company closed in 2001 I returned to college to obtain a formal degree in Information Technology Management. It was with this education that I was able to find employment with the Lee/Ogle Regional Office of Education, in Grand Detour. I was employed at the Lee/Ogle Regional Office of Education from 2004 until 2007. In the Fall of 2007 I accepted a teaching position at the Whiteside Area Career Center (WACC), in Sterling IL. While at WACC I became involved with teaching many dual credit courses with Sauk Valley Community College. It was with this relationship that has led me to teach additional courses at Sauk Valley. In 2017 my wife and I moved to Utah, where I accepted a position with Testout Corp. It wasn’t that long ago that I was a laid off worker from Northwestern Steel & Wire Company. I returned to college and was very determined to develop skills that would give me a good career and that would also be recession proof and transferable among different industries. As I meet many students in my classes at SVCC they fit the exact profile that I was in not that long ago. I’m able to share the fact that I too was once laid off and without a job and that with hard work and determination; they can go on and be successful, even if things at the moment don’t look too promising.

Spring 2021 Schedule

Online Class Schedule

  • CIS 197 OL - Security + Certification
  • CIS 250 OL - Beginning Linux
  • CIS 257 OL - Cyber Security Analysis

Please check with instructor for schedule.