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Beginning & End of Semester Guide

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Finalize Completed Semester

  • If you have any students with incomplete grades, contact FaCIT for information on how to allow students access to your course after the semester.
  • Download grades from concluded courses if you wish to retain personal copies. Archive these in a folder on your Sauk computer.

Prepare Course Content for New Semester

  • Import course content
  • Adjust Due Dates and Events
  • Update Your Syllabus.
  • Publish the Course
    • Publish your course when you are ready for students to view course content. They will not be able to interact with course content until the start of the term.
    • If you want students to begin your course early (or continue past the semester end date), you must change the course start/end dates AND check the box under the dates reading "students may only access the course between these dates".

Message Students

Send a welcome email to your students. Use the Template for Emailing an Online Class. If you have not published your course, you cannot use the Inbox in Canvas, instead, email your class through SOAR. Be sure to send a copy of the syllabus with your email.

Students Enrolled Through ILCCO-ICE 

The Internet Course Exchange is a tool used by member Illinois com colleges to share courses online.

If you receive an email from the ICE system, you have a student from other Illinois com colleges in your class. This means you will need to access the ILCCO site to enter tenth day attendance, midterm grades and final grades. Let us know if you need help accessing the ILCCO site at Please be sure to contact these students. You are welcome to use the following template Email ILCCO Students to get started.