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Changing Your Security Question - SOAR Online Help

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Changing Your Security Question

If you lose or forget your PIN number, you can retrieve it by answering the security question that you can customize. It is recommended that you set up a security question so that if you forget your password, you will be able to retrieve more easily.

To change your Security Question,
From the Main Menu page, Click on the "Personal Information" link.

image of Personal Information link

Next, Click on the "Change Security Question" link.

image of Change Security Question link


A new screen will appear,
Type in a security question (something only you know the answer to) in the "New Question" space.
Next, Type in the answer in the "New Answer" space.

image of Security Question and Answer page


When completed, Click the Submit button.

image of Submit button on Security Question and Answer page

A new page will appear telling you that your Question and Answer have been successfully changed.

image of successful Question and Answer change page