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Logging In - SOAR Online Help

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Logging In

To logon to SOAR,
Type into the address bar of your Internet browser.

Navigate to

The SOAR. homepage will appear,
Click on the "Login to Your Records" link.

Click the Login to Your Records link

A new screen will appear like the one below.

image of Login Page

In the User ID box,
Type in the "@" symbol followed by your eight digit Sauk ID number.
For example, If your ID number was @00587469, You would enter @00587469 as your User ID.

image of User ID entry field


Next, Type in your six digit PIN number,
The first time you login, your PIN number is your birth date in six digits.
For example, if your birth date was January 5th, 1979 , Your PIN would be 010579. You can change your PIN number after your initial login.

image of PIN entry field

Finally, Click the "Login" button to login to your records.

image of Login button

***On your first login, you will immediately be taken to a page asking you to change your password. This is for security reasons.

Enter in your Old Pin,
Make up a New PIN. It must be six numeric digits- No letters allowed.
Enter in a New Pin
Finally Re-Enter your new PIN.
Click the "Login" button when you are finished.

Enter your old PIN, enter your new PIN twice, and click Login


*** Also On your FIRST LOGIN only,
You will see this next screen appear that asks you to fill in a Security Question and Answer.
You need fill this out before moving on. If you ever forget your password, the security question will allow you to retrieve your password if you answer the question correctly. ENTER A QUESTION THAT ONLY YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO.

In the "Enter Question" field
Type in a question.
Then type in the answer in the "Answer" field.

image of Login Verification Security Question and Answer page

When you are done,
Click the "Submit button

image of Submit button

Next, you will be taken to a "Terms of Use" page. You will only need to agree to this the first time you login also.

image of Terms of Use page

Read the Terms of Use.
After you have completed reading,
Click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

image of Continue button

Your Main Screen will open up and you will be able to navigate to your desired area from here.

image of Main Menu