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Instructional Technology - Moodle Support

The just-in-in-time learning resources linked below are provided for faculty looking for help using Moodle. Faculty utilize Moodle, a learning management system, to create interactive and dynamic online courses or to enhance their face-to-face courses. Moodle allows faculty to create dynamic online course sites. In Moodle you can post files, link to websites, create forums, upload assignments, quiz online, and much more.    

a yellow star  For resources frequently utilized by faculty, look for a yellow star. 

 If you are new to Moodle, please register for our online self-paced course,  "Getting Started with Moodle." 

New to Moodle? Get Started Here.

The first time you login to Moodle use your Sauk Login.  

Setting up a new class? ... course availability, importing, blocks, attendance, calendar ...


Course Formats


My Private Files


Need to add content? ... files, links, pages, videos, labels ...

Resources can be links to webpages or online videos(URLs), PDF files, PowerPoints slides, Word files, Moodle pages, Moodle books, and labels. 

Looking to add interactive activities? ... forums, assignments, glossaries ...

See the section titled "Grading?" for help grading specific activities.





Need to communicate with students? ... Quickmail, Latest News Forum, upcoming events block...
Grading online? ... Moodle Gradebook, grading, Joule Gradebook, Activity Logs ...

Setting up a Moodle Gradebook

Using Moodle Gradebook and the Joule Grader

Reports and Activity Logs

Grading Assignments and Activities

Advanced Grading in Moodle: Rubrics and Checklists

Want to test online? ... quizzes, question types, categories, test banks ...

Create a Quiz

Add or Edit Quiz Questions

What else? ... groups, Personalize Learning Designer, Common Module, Course Completion, Restrict Access ...

Personal Learning Designer


Other Settings for Activities