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Mobile Learning

Can You Give Me An Overview?

Mobile learning, sometimes referred to as M-learning, involves the use of small handheld devices such as tablets or smartphones for the delivery of educational content. Mobile learning tools promote the dream of anytime, anyplace learning tailored to individual learners.

Why is it Important?

A 2013 study by Chen and Denoyelles found that 91% of students participating in the study owned a mobile device.

How Do I Get Started?

The proliferation of "apps" for smart phones and tablets has resulted in the creation of many new resources suitable for classroom use. Start by matching learning goals for your course to available Apps and sharing the Apps with your students. 

What Are Some Examples?

  • A nursing course may find iOs apps simulating EKG's useful in training students to interpret common patterns.
  • Students are able to access internet resources and the college LMS for in-class activities via small devices when a computer lab is unavailable.
  • Instructors may choose to elicit student feedback via cell phone polling applications such as Poll Everywhere.

What Are Additional Resources?