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Classroom Technology Support


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These rooms are equipped with a ceiling mounted projector, speakers, and an instructor's console which contains a PC computer, document camera, DVD/VCR and a control panel to operate all equipment from the console. 

First Floor: 1A8B*, 1B01*, 1K04, 1M24*, Mathis Theater*
Second Floor: 2C3A, 2C3B*, 2D01*, 2C06, 2D15, 2E8A, 2F05, 2F8A, 2F10, 2G10, 2H06, 2H08, 2H10, 2K02, 2K9A, 2L1A, 2L1B, 2L03, 2L05, 2L06, 2L07, 2M03, 2M05, 2M07, 2M9A, 2M9B*, 
Third Floor:  3E08, 3E10, 3E12, 3F02*, 3K02, 3K03 (LRC)*, 3M10*, 

*denotes rooms containing equipment that is controlled with remote controls not a control panel


Contact Kathy Dirks to check out any of the following hardware.  Supporting documentation is linked when available.

PC computer and projector on a cart
PC laptop computer
Tablet PC
Document presenter
Digital camera
Digital camcorder
DVD camcorder
LCD Portable projector
CD player
Audio tape player
Digital Scribe
Bamboo Tablet

Need technology not present in your classroom or have an idea that you aren't sure how to implement? Call the IT dept for help.