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Moodle is a learning management system.  Faculty utilize this tool to create interactive and dynamic online courses.   Some faculty utlize this with face to face courses as well, posting content online for students to access at times other than regularly scheduled class times.  

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Getting Started

(Enrollment) Withdrawing Students after 10th Day of Class

(Navigation) How to Navigate in a Moodle Course - video resource

(Communication) Moodle Basic Communication email via Participant link

(Communication) Quickmail  - Communication with Students

(Communication) Moodle Communication Basics Latest News Forum

(Blocks) How to add  move  hide or delete a block   

(File Management) What is the My Private files Block in Moodle 2

(File Management) How to access My private files in Moodle 2

(Import) How to Import course data in Moodle 2

(Settings) How to set up Common module settings in Moodle 2

(Blocks, docking) How to Undock a block in Moodle 2

(Activities and Resources) What is the Activity chooser in Moodle 2

Setting up a new class

(Availability) How to make your course availble to students

Folder view) How to configure the Folder View Format

(Folder View) Folder View Format - video Resource

(Format) Popular Formats in Moodle 2 - video Resource

(Topics format) How to configure the Topics course format   

(Weekly format) How to configure the Weekly course format   

(Blocks) What is the HTML block in Moodle 2


(Resource) How to add or update a Resource in a Moodle 2.

(URL) How do I add a URL Resource   

(File management) How to add a File to a course   

(File management) How to drag and drop files

(File management) Adding Files Using Drag and Drop - video resource

(Book) How to create Pages and Subchapters in a Book   

(Embed media) How to get inline images and media in a course   

(Folder View, Resources and Activities) How to add Resources and Activities in Folder View

(external repository) How do I add a link to a website or a file in an external repository


(Workshop) How to create a Workshop activity

(Assignment) How to create an Offline activity Assignment 

(Assignment) How to create an Assignment in Moodle 2

(Glossary) What are the different kinds of Glossaries 

(Restrict Access) How to Restrict access

(Forums) How to create A single simple discussion forum in Moodle 2

(Forums) How to create a Each person posts one discussion forum in Moodle 2

(Forums) How to create a Q and A Forum in Moodle 2

(Forums) How to create a Standard forum displayed in blog-like form in Moodle 2

(Forums) How to create a Standard forum for general use in Moodle 2

(Forums) How to create an Advanced forum in Moodle 2

(Forums) Creating Advanced Forums - video Resource

Quiz Activity

(Quiz) Creating a Quiz Activity in Moodle 2 - video resource

(Quiz) How to add questions to a Quiz   

(Quiz) How to change the order of a questions inside a Quiz

(Question Banks) How to create Quiz questions in the Question bank   

(Question Bank) True/False Quiz Questions - video resource

(Question Banks) How to edit a Quiz Question in the Question Bank

(Importing Question Bank) Importing Testbanks to Moodle 2 from Examview


(Rubrics) How to create a Rubric as an Advanced Grading Method  

(Rubrics) Creating a Rubric from Scratch - video resource

(Rubrics) Creating a Rubric from a Template - video resource

(Checklist) Advanced Grading: Checklist - video resource

(Gradebook) Mastering the Moodle Gradebook User Guide

(Gradebook) How to set up gradebook categories

(Gradebook) How to manually enter grades in the Moodle Grader report

(Joule Grader) How to use the Joule Grader to grade an activity

(Joule Grader) Joule Grader - video resource

(Joule Gradebook) Joule Gradebook - video resource

(Activity Reports) How to view Activity reports for a course   

(Activity Logs) How to view Activity logs for a particular activity 

(Forums, Grading) How to grade a Forum   

(Forums) Grading Advanced Forums with Joule Grader - video resource

(Gradebook) How to configure weighting in the gradebook

(Glossary) How to grade a Glossary entry in Moodle 2

(Grading, Assignment) How to grade an Assignment in Moodle 2

(Grading) How to grade an Upload file assignment in Moodle 2

(Gradebook) How to Move a Graded item or Category in Moodle 2

(Gradebook) How to use the Joule Grader to view a graded activity

Personalized Learning Designer and Course Completion

(PLD) How to create a Personalized Learning Designer Rule

(PLD) How to view Personalized Learning Designer History

(Course Completion) What is the Course Completion Status Block in Moodle 2

(Activity Completion) How to view the Activity completion report