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Optimal Security Settings for Moodle Quiz Activity

In order to ensure optimal security of your Moodle quizzes to discourage student cheating, please make sure to set review options and security settings according to these recommendations.   Refer to the image below for clarification.  Contact the Instructional Technology Department for help at  815-285-6229

Review Options

Immediately after the attempt:

            Only allow students to see scores.

Later, while the quiz is still open:

            Only allow students to see scores.

After the Quiz is closed:

            At your discretion allow students to see any of the options listed. Remember that students will be able to view anything that is checked until they are unenrolled from the course.

Security options:

Browser Security: Set to “Full screen pop-up with some JavaScript security.”

            This prevents students opening another window while taking a quiz.

Require password:  Require a password that you provide to testing center personnel or students prior to taking the quiz.