Sauk Valley Community College

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Enhanced Rooms

Several classrooms at SVCC are enhanced with technology.

Enhanced Room

Visit these rooms to see what is available.

1A8B*, 1B01*, 1K04, 1M24*, 2C3A, 2C3B*, 2D01*, 2C06, 2D15, 2E8A, 2F05, 2F8A, 2F10, 2G10, 2H06, 2H08, 2H10, 2K02, 2K9A, 2L1A, 2L1B, 2L03, 2L05, 2L06, 2L07, 2M03, 2M05, 2M07, 2M9A, 2M9B*, 3E08, 3E10, 3E12, 3F02*, 3K02, 3K03 (LRC)*, 3M10*, Mathis Theater*

These rooms are equipped with a ceiling mounted projector, speakers, and an instructor's console which contains a PC computer, document camera, DVD/VCR and a control panel to operate all equipment from the console.

*denotes rooms containing equipment that is controlled with remote controls not a control panel