Notice: This syllabus is subject to change.
Syllabus Template

Syllabus Template

Course Title Name of the course
Instructor Information Instructor name
Office room
Office hours
Office telephone number
Term dates
Preferred method of contact
Instructor Bio (optional) Professional interest
Educational philosophy
Course Description Description and purpose of course
List number of credit hours here
Course Materials List your textbook(s) in full bibliographic citation
List any other materials students will need
Course Objectives List course objectives
Course Schedule, Activities, Assignments, Exams List the course schedule by module or chapter in as much detail as possible, including:
  • Readings
  • Detail activities/assignments (include due dates)
  • Detail exams or any other types of assessment
Course Policies List due dates
List specific policies for your course
List late work policy
Course participation policy
Grading Policy Include the value of assignments vs. assessments
Explain how student grade is calculated
Explain weighting if any
Include grading scale
Explain makeup policy if any
Extra credit options if any
Student Expectations List specific things that students can do to be successful in your online class
  • i.e. Log in every 2 days, stay on task, ask questions, etc.
Instructor Feedback Expectation of response time to student email
Expectation of response time to grading assignments
Technical Competencies To be successful in this course, students should be able to:
  • access and use Sauk student email
  • send and receive email and attachments
  • navigate in Moodle (For help, look at these Moodle tutorials.)
  • use an Internet browser
  • use a word processing program
    • save files in different formats (.doc .rtf)
    • copy and paste text
  • save and retrieve files
  • search the library's online databases
Technical Requirements Technical Requirements for Moodle Courses
Moodle Tutorials Online tutorials for students
Technical Support Moodle Help Desk
Phone 815.288.5511, ext 229
View SVCC Student Code of Conduct
Read number 2, Conduct - Rules and Regulations
Withdrawal Policy View SVCC withdrawal policy
SVCC Privacy
The College policy on student records complies with the "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act". This Act is designed to protect the privacy of education records, to establish the rights of students to inspect and review their education records, and to provide guidelines for correction of incorrect or misleading data through formal and informal hearings. A copy of the Act or questions concerning the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act may be referred to the Dean of Student Services, Ext. 360.
SVCC Disabilities
If you have a disability or suspect that you have one and want to request a classroom accommodation, it is your responsibility to inform your instructor. Reasonable accommodations will be made after verification from the Student Needs Coordinator's Office located in Room 1G24, or by calling extension 246.
Assessment Statement
Sauk Valley Community College is an institution dedicated to continuous instructional improvement. As part of our assessment efforts, it is necessary for us to collect and analyze course-level data. Data drawn from students' work for the purposes of institutional assessment will be collected and posted in aggregate, and will not identify individual students. Your continued support in our on-going effort to provide quality instructional services at SVCC is appreciated.
Copyright Materials in this class may be subject to copyright protection.
U.S. Copyright Office
Notification of recording All classes at Sauk Valley Community College may be recorded for a variety of reasons to include compliance with the American with Disabilities Act in providing reasonable accommodations to person with disabilities. By enrolling in this course, students’ hereby consent to recording of classes.