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Alumni Profile - Holly Leuchtenberg

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Sauk Valley Community College Alumna Holly Leuchtenberg recently received $9,000 in scholarships toward her bachelor’s degree. She credits her experience at Sauk Valley Community College for her success.

Leuchtenberg of Walnut returned to Western Illinois University in Macomb to complete her final year toward her Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Management. Her current G.P.A. at WIU is an impressive 3.8.

Sauk is an awesome school, said Leuchtenberg, who credits her education at Sauk for helping her to obtain several scholarships. She received a $4,000 scholarship from the Illinois Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Association, a $2,000 scholarship from WIU’s Department of Accountancy, $2,000 from WIU’ Department of Business, $1,000 from WIU’s Honors College, and $1,000 from the National Institute of Management Accountants.

Leuchtenberg graduated from Sauk in 2004 with an Associate in Applied Science in Accounting, and didn't stop there. She continued on and earned an Associate in Science in Business in 2005. She was named to the SVCC President’s list each semester she attended for both degrees.

I absolutely loved Sauk," she said. "The accounting program was thorough and helped prepare me for my bachelor’s-level classes. I enjoyed working with older students especially when we did group projects because they were more motivated and wanted to be in school."

Lutchenberg explained that she wasn’t sure at first which college she wanted to attend; however, as valedictorian of Bureau Valley High School’s class of 2002, she qualified for and became involved in the Sauk Scholars program.

She added she was pleased with all her classes in the business department and enjoyed all the instructors.

"The fact that the teachers are members of the community makes a big difference," she said.

The daughter of Rodney and Kelli Willstead of Walnut, Holly plans to graduate from WIU with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Management in May 2007. She plans to sit for the CPA exam in summer 2007 and would like to pursue a career in public accounting and later a teaching career.

"If you’re in a financial situation where you have to pay for your own education, a community college is the best option," said Luchtenberg. "You get a quality education and save a ton of money."